Does wine make more fat than beer?

By | September 15, 2018

At each aperitif with friends, you hesitate between wine and beer, to avoid strong drinks too sweet? If you watch your line, the question is actually relevant. Red wine tends to be the most optimal solution for not gaining weight, although in fact, beer is not necessarily more caloric.

Wine does not make more fat than beer
Why ? Simply because it is consumed in smaller quantities than beer (served in half or pint in most bars). This means that perfect keto max beyond the caloric content of the 100 mL, the average dose served tends to prevail.

A small glass of red wine will bring about 80 kcal, 180 for a large glass … and 150 calories for the same capacity by opting for a beer! This means that the beer is relatively less caloric than the wine, but that its consumption implies a greater quantity in the glass, which makes de facto bigger.

Weight gain will come from the dose consumed, but also the type of wine or beer chosen.

The wines and beers to be preferred not to grow
Avoid of course the beers to which have been added very sweet aromas. This also applies to wines (perfumed rosés for example), for which red and very dry whites will be preferred, because of their less significant impact on blood glucose levels.

Red wine has several benefits recognized on the body, it may be interesting to prefer it to other alcohols as part of a diet … in small quantities of course, and with the exception of pregnant or breastfeeding!

Which one to choose ? The one you like to drink, but you know it will not have the effect of making you fall into the bowl of chips or peanuts to accompany him.

Should we prefer a soft drink as an aperitif?
In terms of intake of “empty” sugars and calories, many sodas and fruit juices, including light, are not really compatible with dieting and have no particular virtues for the body.

This means that allowing yourself a glass of wine or a good beer from time to time is not dramatic for your line: by emphasizing the quality of the product, by limiting the sweet wines or the beers too sweet, and accompanying the whole. light snacks (vegetable sticks for example), you really limit the effects of your output on the line.

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