Do you want to have a steel body?

By | December 12, 2017

Do you want to have a steel body? You can have it with Crossfit
The Fitness world has a high range and variety of disciplines, all with the same purpose: to work, mold, improve and sculpt the human body.

Since time immemorial man has had bioflex pro great fondness for paying tribute or worship to the perfect Body. From the ancient Greek warriors and gods to the present, celebrities, young people and other older people all want to be able to have a luxurious body in terms of physical perfection, all depending on the discipline with which the Fitness world is practiced.

Nowadays a new training method has been developed, called Crossfit, which consists of a series of functional exercises, with variations that are executed at high intensity, considered as a program of strength and general muscular fitness, whose objective is to accelerate the body and mental work, because as you work at high intensity and time limits, the mind plays a key role in such training, trying to keep intact the motivation and focus of who carries it out.

Likewise, all those people who decide to take on the Crossfit challenge must be clear that it is not something that can be done or taken lightly, it is a routine that requires dedication, but that is where the main concerns arise about how ? And when? You will begin to see results, since for many it can become a great waste of time, energy and nutrients when performing these strenuous hours of weekly exercises. Everything is linked to the philosophy and vision that each of the practitioners of the training routine possesses.

This sports regime not only plays with the body but also with the mind, so you must be clear and present the objectives you want to achieve, taking into account their capabilities and limitations at the time you start to practice it, is an integral and constant challenge that seek to push the limits to those who seize the exhausting but productive exercises, which without a doubt will give results in the body of those who carry them out.

Within the methodology that designs this training plan provides and develops






cardiovascular resistance



and precision, in a wide spectrum of physiological capacities, that linked with the mental ones will better define the state of health of those who acquire this corporal challenge and who wish to possess a body as if it were carved by the best sculptors.

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