Vegetarian menu without gluten and without lactose

By | January 10, 2019

While intolerances and allergies are increasing in the population, you may need to lose weight while eating gluten , lactose and meat. At first glance, such a diet may seem difficult to initiate, because of the many foods it forbids to consume.

However, its principles are actually rather simple to apply with some nutrition tips and good menu ideas. It’s gone for a day “without”!

Menus type: a slimming day without meat, without wheat and without milk
Oatmeal flakes with keto drox almond milk
A fresh and seasonal fruit
A green tea without sugar (carbohydrates make you fat, let’s remember!)
A hard or scrambled egg
A salad of raw vegetables of your choice
Two handfuls of millet
A homemade fruit salad
A handful of almonds (for calcium)
An Apple
A green tea without sugar
A green salad in vinaigrette
A big bowl of quinoa with steamed vegetables
One or two tiles of almond milk chocolate (in organic store)
The vegetarian diet without gluten or lactose, good for health?
“My new slimming diet removes many foods, is it good or bad? ”

Eating without red meat would reduce the risk of cancer and the number of people with diabetes, while avoiding gluten and lactose can be sovereign in case of intolerance . In addition, the vegetarian diet, rich in fruits and vegetables , can fill up with vitamins and fiber, excellent for transit and health.

However, an eviction regime can still be dangerous and have deficiencies for consequences, especially in iron and vitamin B12. In case of fatigue or other abnormal symptoms , a food supplement with amino acids can help you : do not hesitate to take a medical advice.

Finally, note that your new diet is not necessarily a slimming diet: if you do not also remove sweet products, you probably will not lose weight. And to achieve your slimming goals , do not forget your gym or fitness class.

If removing certain foods from keto drox your diet has benefits, it’s not without drawbacks. Remember that health rhymes with diversity too! Little dietary advice: to lose weight quickly without meat, without wheat and without milk, so do not be too strict when deciding our menus!

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