Vaginal dryness: a possible (psychological) mission for women

By | November 21, 2017

Vaginal dryness: a possible (psychological) mission for women

Studies show that natural lubrication invigorate rx helps maintain the proper functioning of our reproductive organs and achieve greater sexual pleasure, but what about our emotional body? We need the emotional connection, the stimulating sensations, the sexual relations that encompass mind, body and spirit.

The woman who suffers from vaginal dryness should be patient and look for what favors her natural lubrication. You have to create time, space and a healthy emotional connection with your partner then the magic will happen. In addition it can include the use of a totally natural lubricant during sexual intercourse.
Stress in daily life, financial stress, work pressure, health problems, difficulties in relationships, and of course children, can create a state in which the natural lubrication of the body is impossible. We do not realize to what extent these factors affect us and when we add sexual pressure things get even more complicated. Vaginal dryness can be an extremely important consequence of the way we respond to stress. If this is your case, you must change this pattern NOW.

Take three steps back, identify the stress that affects you and visualize your ability to breathe. SLOWLY. SLOWLY … SLOWLY. Now make a list of the main factors that are stressing you and balance things, so that you can balance yourself. Go for a walk, put some music and let your body move. Find the best time with your partner and DO NOT think about anything other than your breathing and your personal enjoyment because the stress factors will wait. Enrich the experience with a favorite perfume or aroma. Have fun, practice and demonstrate to yourself that you can enjoy sexuality, controlling all the factors that cause your vaginal dryness.

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