Top 10 best diets

By | December 22, 2018

Between those who allow to lose weight and those who are dedicated to the improvement of the health , the diets certainly do not miss. Do you get lost a little? Let us guide you with our top 10 .

3 of the best diets to lose weight
On the list of the most effective diets to lose weight, Weight Watchers , Volumetric and Mayo are at the top of our ranking.

The WW program will allow you to control your food intake by a system of points. All you have to do is add up the number of bio x keto points for each food you consume throughout the day. Do you want to lose weight without reducing the amount of meals you usually eat?

The volumetric regime is the one you need. The focus here is on foods with low energy density. No food is prohibited or permitted .

The Mayo slimming program is based on a decrease in caloric intake .

5 diets known for their effectiveness against diseases
DASH, Mediterranean and Flexitarian diets are the most recommended for preventing or regulating diabetes . Originally intended to reduce blood pressure, the former also helps to lose weight. It is largely composed of fruits and vegetables.

The second, also called Cretan, limits the risk of diseases. Its recipes are composed of cereals, dried fruits and fresh vegetables. Based on foods rich in vitamin C and E , it helps you fill up with antioxidants that will increase your life expectancy.

As for the third, it consists in reducing its consumption of products of animal origin without eliminating them. Its main objective is to increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains . It’s sort of a part-time vegetarian diet.

Between DASH and Mediterranean diets, MIND has been developed to prevent brain degeneration. TLC is indicated for the fight against heart disease.

2 other rather restrictive regimes
Dr. Ornish’s program aims to make you lose weight quickly with many restrictions . You will have to avoid meat, fish, dairy products, alcohol and favor balanced nutrition. with fruits, vegetables, starchy foods and legumes.

With the Indian diet, it is possible to lose up to a kilogram each day, and this for a good week. On the menu: a variety of liquids, fruits and vegetables .

Whether it is to lose weight, to prevent certain ailments or simply to have a dream silhouette, there are many diets to satisfy you. However, avoid those that are a little too drastic, and whatever your goal, know that sport can be of great help .

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