Tips to avoid the most common injuries of Yoga

By | January 3, 2018

Tips to avoid the most common injuries of Yoga

As in any type of practice that requires some primal factor physical effort, in Yoga there is also the possibility of suffering an injury and it is usually for reasons that are related to exercising a bad technique or adopting poses incorrectly. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person performing this activity, it is equally important that you know the tips to avoid the most common Yoga injuries that we offer you in this article.

Important tips to keep in mind to avoid injuries in Yoga
Many times the pain you feel does not necessarily mean that you are doing well. There is a popular belief that without pain there are no results: “no pain, no gain”; however, usually that pain is a warning sign that tells you that you are not doing well at all. In these cases it is best to stop immediately, go to a doctor and get the help of a Yoga expert to guide you to practice correctly.

You must be 100% present in body and mind during practice. Concentration is a vital factor in Yoga because it is an activity that makes so many muscles and joints work; losing it for a few moments could mean a bad movement generating a possible injury.

Yoga is not about competing but about learning and improving each position. Since you start in this discipline you have to know that not everything you try you will achieve the first, everything is a matter of patience and practice trying not to force your body too much, you must know your limits without exposing yourself to the risk of suffering an injury.

Try to include strength exercises to your daily training routine in order to accompany the benefits of yoga practice. Doing this kind of exercises, even if you are applying your own weight, will help you to be able to perform the most demanding yoga postures in terms of strength; especially those that work with the muscles of your arms and shoulders.

As with all physical activity, warm-up for yoga is essential to avoid injuries such as muscle tensions or tears. You can not perform the vast majority of asanas if your muscles are cold since the main characteristic of yoga is to make you perform considerable stretching with many of them. It is very important that you have this point in mind especially if you practice yoga at home because we often forget it if we do not have the guidance of an instructor in a class.

As you can see, there are very important factors that you should consider to avoid the most common Yoga injuries. Leaving competitiveness aside and having patience is a very important step to not take your body to the limit trying to take positions for which you are not prepared. Both the physical condition, as well as a good warm-up before starting the practice, will make you avoid especially the wear injuries.

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