Tips anti love handles

By | July 1, 2018

What we call “love handles” is the pile of fat that is just above the waist and affects both men and women, including those in pregnancy.

From an aesthetic point of view, this is a particularly unsightly prominence that literally cuts the silhouette in two and is premier diet keto very difficult to hide. How to avoid the appearance of love handles and how to get rid of them if necessary?

Here are 4 tips and reflexes anti handles of love which proved their worth.

Tip # 1: Wear clothes that fit your size
Handles of love can affect indifferent body people like thin ones with little body fat. If this is the case, it may be a situation related to the wearing of clothing size inappropriate to the corpulence of the person.

Wearing pants too small will lead to a concentration of fat in the belly and will thus contribute to the appearance of love handles. It is therefore important to ensure that clothing is always appropriate for its size and morphology.

Tip # 2: Adopt a healthy food hygiene
How to lose your love handles? Love handles, like weight gain in general, are often due to poor eating habits. The consumption of certain foods, such as alcohol, caffeine, processed foods or sugar, play a major role in the phenomenon of water retention around the waist.

Indeed, the toxins contained in these foods will push the body to form a belly of water in the belly and intended to ensure the protection of organs against these toxins.

To limit this risk, it will suffice simply to limit or even stop the consumption of these products. At the same time, it will be necessary to turn to protein-rich foods for the maintenance of its muscles. Besides fruits and vegetables, salmon for example is excellent against love handles thanks to its prostaglandins, compounds regulating the swelling of the body.

Tip # 3: Practice a sport activity
Another tip anti-love handles essential, the practice of physical activity will also have a firming effect and burning fat undeniable. A sport such as bodybuilding or fitness does not only generate weight for the practitioner, including the pregnant woman.

These are especially excellent disciplines to quickly get a flat stomach without necessarily resorting to liposuction or other heavy surgical procedures.

Running, going to the pool or the room are great activities to stay slim while avoiding the appearance of love handles. The exercise of the board or cladding, for example, consists of putting oneself on the ground on the belly while resting one’s arms and keeping one’s legs straight.

It will then maintain the position for ten seconds and repeat several times.

Tip # 4: Reduce stress and sleep well
The daily professional and personal environment also has an impact on the constitution of these fat deposits. When the individual is under stress, the body naturally produces a hormone called cortisone.

If the energy of this hormone produced is burned immediately after being secreted, no fat will be stored. However, if it can not be consumed immediately, the storage of fat will be around the waist thus promoting the appearance of these dreaded love handles.

Relaxation, particularly by performing breathing exercises, such as better control of one’s stress, can considerably limit this risk.

Imposing workout times, wearing a premier diet reviews slimming wrap or performing a regularly adapted massage can also give rise to before-after results worthy of interest in this field.

There are therefore different techniques and behaviors that allow, in a simple way and without outside help, to fight against the development of love handles. The use of a medical intervention is therefore only to be considered as a last resort.

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