The ideal green tea to fight against cellulite?

By | December 5, 2018

Against some daily ailments, cold or hot tea is very effective . By drinking it can fight effectively against fibrous cellulite and stretch marks. Discover how to exploit its slimming benefits.

Green tea a natural and effective treatment against cellulite?
Consumed around the world at breakfast, at snack time or just to drink at break time , green tea is particularly rich in vitamin P. Belonging to the family of bioflavonoids, the latter ensures the protection of blood vessels and significantly improves the absorption of vitamin C.

By promoting a better blood circulation by the reactivation of small blood vessels, vitamin P acts on the tone of the skin.

Its high antioxidant content also gives the epidermis much more elasticity.

With its fat-burning effect, opinions are Coleus scutellariodes unanimous: this tea is a slimming ally and beauty of size. It helps drain the body and tissues by removing toxins stored in the body. Its diuretic and slimming power acts against the retention of water , thus, cellulite.

By stimulating lipolysis, the lipids stored in the fat cells are then removed.

How to use virgin tea as a remedy against cellulite?
In order to demonstrate its effectiveness, the tea must be very fresh, with preserved leaves. Indeed, the latter concentrate tannin and polyphenols. Then bet on the freshness of the product in your aqueous solution to drink. There lies the secret of improving its effect on the metabolism . However, avoid drinking more than 1L per day. To follow your program:

– 1 glass of tea to drink in the morning, with a few drops of lemon . This mixture allows you to cleanse the body and has a radical appetite suppressant effect.- 1 to 2 glasses of iced tea to drink as a snack to quench your thirst (without sugar).

To prepare your herbal tea to drink 3 times a day ( before 4 pm to avoid insomnia in the evening ), you will need the following ingredients:

– 1/2 organic yellow lemon – a pinch of chopped fresh ginger – some fresh mint leaves – 1 teaspoon of green tea powder . Thought Matcha, a very fine powder of Japanese tea or sancha, king of green tea. – 25 cl of water

Boil the water and add the ingredients to infuse. Then, filter the mixture after 10 minutes. This drink must be integrated into a healthy and balanced diet.

After holidays or when we have people at home, excess food is often present . It is therefore essential to rebalance, to purify your liver after excess. The detox menus are perfect for purifying and cleansing your body.

Here is a detox menu for quick weight loss and a flat stomach.

The benefits of the detox menu 2 weeks
With the detox menu 2 weeks you will find a healthy diet . A detox menu is not necessarily based on a diet based on soup or fruit, it’s just a cure with the right foods.

The detox menus will cleanse your body in a few days while regaining energy . The reduction of toxins must be gradual. That’s why doing a detox cure over 2 weeks is a good thing. Fruits and vegetables , organic foods, healthy dishes, foods burn fat here are easy menus to clean your colon.

Detox type menu ideas
To lose weight quickly, just adopt a little diet in his diet . Here is a typical menu idea for following a slimming program Focus fuel keto x and cleansing your gut. For all menus, start the day with a large glass of water with lemon juice

Day detox menu 1
– Breakfast:

Tea or coffee without sugar
Natural yogurt
Muesli without sugar
– Lunch :

Celery remoulade with light sauce
Chicken flavored with tarragon
Quinoa and zucchini
Natural yogurt and clementines
– Having dinner :

Cream of asparagus soup
Colin in foil
Mashed salad
Red fruit salad s with mint
Day menu 2
– Breakfast:

Tea or coffee without sugar
Cereal bread
Cream cheese
– Lunch:

Grated raw beetroot salad
Veal meat with oregano
Tagliatelle and broccoli
– Having dinner :

Shrimp salad with orange
Mashed celery
Natural yogurt
Day menu 3
– Breakfast

tea or coffee without sugar
1/2 pineapple
Bread to the other
white cheese

Lentil salad with coriander
Pork filet mignon
Provencal tomatoes
– Having dinner :

Green salad
Watercress flan
Coconut milk shrimps
Day menu 4
– Breakfast

1/2 grapefruit
– Lunch

Cauliflower salad in tabouleh
Rabbit with thyme in a casserole
Wild rice + mushrooms with parsley
Citrus cut
– Having dinner

Cucumbers with yoghurt sauce
Omelette with herbs
Lemon Steamed Artichoke
Passion fruit
Detox cure does not necessarily mean without meat. It’s just consuming digestible foods. It is therefore easy to use a recipe with lean meats , fruits and vegetables and fresh fruit.

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