Take care of your hair from the effects of the sun, beach and pool

By | October 28, 2017

Getting too exposed to the sun, salt aphroditera cream water and chlorine damage both skin and hair. In other post we have already talked about some problems that can cause in our skin.

The ultraviolet rays are a real danger for our hair, weaken it and leave it dry and brittle. And those people who wear dyed hair still notice it more, other than that they lose color quickly.

I live and work in a beach area I notice as people who ask about their hair increase when they start to go to the beach or the pool. That is why I wanted to make this post to give you a series of tips that can serve to keep your hair in good shape while still enjoying the sun and water.

Something that is very recommendable but few that we do and that is what it costs more is to cut the hair as soon as the heat begins. When it is hot, it is advisable to shorten the hair. This will make it easier to protect and keep it clean and healthy. It is a good time to eliminate the open ends and give a new look to the hair. Also, do not fear that hair, during the summer, grows faster. You did not know?. Yes, in summer we have more hairs in the anagen phase (the growth phase) , especially in late spring and summer.

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Protect your hair from the sun. It is good to apply a daily product for hair care that contains UV filters. They help us prevent sun damage and also prevent hair discoloration.

For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, it is best to wear a wide-brimmed hat . In this way we will be using a physical barrier between the head and the sun, preventing the hair from burning and protecting both the scalp and the ears, areas very vulnerable to UV rays.

Moisten hair before going swimming. If the hair is soaked with clean water or a conditioner without rinsing the hair or even if we use a vegetable oil before diving into the water, our hair does not absorb as much sea salt or chlorine from the pools.

Another thing you should do is rinse your hair immediately after it comes out of the water . If there is not a shower nearby, take a spray bottle filled with clean water so you can spray it in your hair and remove those harmful debris from sea water or pool chlorine. We can even use after-sun capillary.

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