Stanovaya thrust in bodybuilding

By | December 5, 2018

Tanning is one of the three main exercises in bodybuilding. Along with squats and bench press, many fitness gurus consider deadlifts to be a key exercise leading to muscle growth. However, is this true?

In power sports, deadlift is undoubtedly an essential attribute of every athlete. However, bodybuilding is a little different. Bodybuilding sets a goal not to shake or pull as much as possible, but to increase as many muscles as possible. And in this regard, deadlift is not very well established. The fact is that the stanza is an exercise for the entire back surface of the body, while usually it is used for training the back, because for the biceps of the thigh there are squats. And then all lovers of this exercise will be disappointed, because the deadlift, in fact, does not train the back. Yes, some after this phrase have, probably, quit reading, but the fact is that the absolute majority of non-professional bodybuilders mean by the word “back” the broadest muscles. And the broadest muscles, those that create the triangular silhouette,

Do I need to give up the deadlift?

It all depends on you. You can focus on pull-ups and squats, while building up much more muscle than if you didn’t accentuate your work, but simply use deadlift. Or, if you really like this exercise, you can train their lower back. No hyperextension for lower back pain is incomparable.  L- Arginine Moreover, many athletes who have achieved serious strength results complain that the lower back has ceased to “pull” during squats after giving up the deadlift. Therefore, to use this exercise in your arsenal or not is up to you. However, it should be concluded that deadlift is highly overrated by many novice athletes.

In the past 50 years, bodybuilding has become much more difficult. There are many newfangled simulators, which promise you incredible results in a short period of time. These simulators should replace not only old exercises, but also nutrition and pharmacology. Most visitors to the gym believe in all sorts of miracle pills or miracle trainers. Is their faith justified?

All newfangled simulators are nothing but a means of earning. And you will not earn, will earn on you. The fact is that our muscles grow only when we train them with basic exercises with free weights. If some blogger says that he pumped a hand of 50 centimeters on this newfangled simulator, then do not believe him. If a professional bodybuilder says that he won “Mr. Olympia 2014” thanks to the protein of a particular company, then he simply makes money. Its’ his job. Keep your head and do not get fooled by such fairy tales.

What turns out, bodybuilding degrades? This is not entirely true. A hundred years ago, there really were not some of the things you need to make good progress in your studies. In particular, such a thing can be the division of training into splits. Previously, bodybuilders pumped the whole body for a workout. It really helps in the first year of classes, so if you are a beginner, you do not need splits. But if you train more than a year, then you just physically can not perform the entire training volume at a time. After all, one thing to squat with an empty neck, and another – with 200 kg.

Another principle you need is nutritional. Previously, bodybuilders ate several times a day. Unfortunately, this tactic led only to the fact that the food was not digested, and the metabolism was slowed down. Now, athletes use split meals. This is also a kind of split. The more often we eat – the more our body absorbs the necessary substances. Yes, and we accelerate the metabolism, and not slow down.

Here, perhaps, that’s all. For half a century nothing has been invented that would give you an advantage over your grandparents. The development of the fitness industry has come to its peak, and the knowledge possessed by our ancestors is gradually lost. This is happening against the background of propaganda of everything new and unnecessary. Therefore, I would like andro stack x to advise you to use the old methods of muscle training. It is better to use basic exercises with free weight, than isolated or exercises that are done in simulators. Add to these old methods the splits in training and nutrition, and your training progress will accelerate many times, compared to ordinary people.


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