Squats when you are obese, exercises to avoid?

By | April 24, 2019

Do squats and obesity do bad things? These exercises are practiced either in the gym or at home . Many videos on the Internet show how to practice this activity. If it is a sport that burns fat in the thighs and legs effectively , it is important to ensure that it does not damage the knees.

However, an obese person may have joint problems related to his overweight. It is therefore important to know if squats Ez3 Keto can be practiced in the case of an obesity situation . Everything will depend in reality on the level of obesity (moderate, morbid) and against the doctor’s indications.

Squats when you're obese, exercises to avoid

Squats to adopt moderately when you are obese

In case of obesity, it is obvious that you will not be able to practice a challenge of squats with the same speed and intensity as a slightly overweight person . The opinion of a health professional is essential before practicing these exercises.

In any case, it is best to start practicing squats in a measured way, in 10-minute intervals . In this way, you will quickly realize the effect of squats on your body and joints.

If this could actually help you lose weight, do not forget that practicing without restriction this sport activity may be unsuitable . This may cause damage to your knees and in the worst case require re-education. It is therefore essential to be vigilant.

Instead, choose the exercises to do at home where you work your legs, your back flat. The whole thing is not to excessively stress your joints.

Adopt the right posture to do the squat well

Some do not perform well squat and accelerate knee pain and back problems. How to do the squat well? The starting position is crucial. You must stand straight, feet slightly apart. Your shoulder blades should be kept down and back during exercise.

This position is kept during the exercise. Lower your body by pushing your hips backwards. Maintain a natural position at the lower back. Do not go farther than the simple bending of your knees.

Never do squats until it becomes painful. It’s all about knowing how to listen to your body and when to stop.

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