Sports nutrition: what diet before exercise?

By | November 19, 2018

Eating is one thing, but knowing when to eat and what to eat before the sport is another, is not it? So for short, before the practice of physical activity , there are certain rules to respect, including that of food.

To have a good energy during the effort, it is essential to eat healthy and to bring to the body sugars , which will be the factors of a good training!

How long before the effort can I eat?
A complete meal should be taken maximum 2 hours before training, so that the body has time to digest. Eating a meal (example: rice, bread, pasta, egg, etc.) 1 hour before training, will put a spoke in the naturnica keto wheels and therefore reduce your performance.

Your body will not be able to digest and spend energy at the same time. You will then feel tired during the efforts , the desire to do nothing, bloating, a “side point” during endurance, but also, nausea that may end up in vomiting (especially during intense exercises) ).

One piece of advice during your meal is to avoid foods high in trans fat and prefer to eat “good fat” foods such as avocados or dried fruits. Also, be aware that a high-fat meal will take a lot longer to digest.

Also, do not forget the balanced composition of your meals ( lean meat + vegetables or starchy foods + vegetables), in order to offer your body all the essential nutrients.

What to eat before the sport, if I want to lose weight?
Before training, you should not eat anything! Except for foods rich in sugar (carbohydrates), such as bananas or dates, 60 to 30 minutes before the session. Carbohydrates are essential during physical activity because they are the ones who will provide you with the energy you need during your practice and for a long time.

In addition, by eating sugars, you prevent your body from getting energy through your muscle mass! It should be noted that the quantity to be consumed will have to be adapted according to the frequency of intensity that the person exercises.

And during the effort?
During the effort, no food is allowed! HEALTH SCAM SIDE EFFECTS REVIEWS Water, water and water! It will take 30 minutes after the session to eat a snack (protein + carbohydrates), which will allow your body to recover well.

Remember that you must know how to respect your body by eating very balanced , so your body will be grateful, offering you excellent physical abilities.

Now all you have to do is follow these instructions, which will be the success of the success!

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