Sex Day: Syphilis

By | October 28, 2017

The syphilis is one of the best – alpha burst test known sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), an infection caused by bacteria. It can affect both sexes indistinctly manifesting in the genital area, the lips, the mouth and / or the anus. The most common way to get infected is through contact through sexual intercourse, but can also be transmitted by a pregnant woman to her child during pregnancy .

Among the most common symptoms of this disease is a single, small and painless sore . But it can also cause inflammation in the nearest lymph nodes . And if no remedy is given, it can lead to rashes that do not sting in the hands and feet. However, many people are not aware that they have been infected for years because they do not notice the symptoms and in addition, these sometimes appear and disappear.

is important that, once detected the disease, treatment is followed and failure to do so, the sores that appear as a result of syphilis may facilitate acquiring or transmitting HIV during sex and, moreover, in the case of pregnant women this infection can be the cause of congenital defects or abortions . In rare cases, this disease can even cause the death of the person infected.

As in all STDs the most recommended is prevention , for this is advisable the correct use of condomsduring sex, although it does not completely eliminate the risk of acquiring syphilis. If this is not possible, and the disease is detected early, it will be cured easily with antibiotics .

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