On the role of fat in bodybuilding

By | December 5, 2018

In bodybuilding, there are a number of myths and misconceptions regarding the content in the diet of fats. Most of the errors come from several wrong postulates, unconditionally accepted at face value. We will try to understand them.

So, many sportsmen completely or almost completely refuse to use animal fats. Motive: they are supposedly deposited in the form of their own fatty deposits. In fact, fats are used much more widely than just forming their new reserves. In particular, they are necessary for the normal secretion of hormones, including testosterone.

At the same time, proteins and carbohydrates, if consumed without measure, can themselves be stored in the form of fat, and insulin, produced in response to an increase in blood sugar levels (which happens every time after eating carbohydrates), makes it difficult to transport fats and leads to the formation of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels.

Thus, the body is able to accumulate body fat in a direct and indirect way: from “external” fat and other nutrients. Experienced athletes know that fat in the total diet should be from 5 (at the stage of drying) to 15% (when gaining weight) calories.

You can meet the recommendations and with slightly larger numbers: up to 20%. But, in any case, a surplus of fat is dangerous, and not only for the figure: cholesterol accumulates in the blood, eventually Tongkat Ali forming fatty plaques in the vessels, which complicates the work of the heart and can even lead to tragic consequences.

In order not to increase their own fatty relations, it is necessary to optimize the entire diet, and not just a separate part of it, reducing only the intake of fat from outside. Especially dangerous to the figure are foods with a high glycemic index: mealy and sweet, bakery products (as well as potatoes – due to the high starch content).

As for proteins, the situation here is not so unambiguous: many people know the “recommended” dosage at the level of 30-40 grams of protein at a time. Its excess can theoretically lead to the fact that part of the protein will go into the growth not of muscle, but of fat mass. In practice, everything turns out to be more difficult: for each person, the body can absorb at once the amount of protein that is different from the average value (10 g / h).

Those. we can talk about 15 and about 5. Professional athletes can afford – largely due to good pharmacological support – to take up to 100-120 g of pure protein at a time. Therefore, on a set of lean muscle mass, athletes often prefer to move in “small steps”, starting with a dose of 30-40 grams and further more, more if there are no results.

Let’s go back to the fats. The most dangerous are animal fats, but no one bothers a bodybuilder to enrich their diets with vegetable fats. Omega-3 fats, on the contrary, although animals, are necessary for stimulating many metabolic processes (they do not lead to the formation of subcutaneous fat, but to its breakdown). According to several studies, fats even help get rid of toxins and ballast substances.

Byortizol is known, it is a catabolic hormone (meaning that it stimulates the muscle tissue destruction active – in order to obtain from it the amino acid). Cortisol is produced in large quantities in response to any stressful situation, which is training.

This is one of the reasons why hardgainers are encouraged to conduct relatively short workouts. Katababic begins to be synthesized somewhere in an hour after the start of physical activity (strictly speaking, its products go in waves: every 60 – 70 minutes).

If you have time to complete the workout earlier, you can achieve some reduction in the concentration of cortisol. Performing heavy basic exercises will stimulate the production of another hormone, already anabolic, and the strongest “opponent” of cortisol – testosterone. Thus, short-time training is the most important condition for the dominance of anabolic hormone over catabolic.

Due to the strong susceptibility of genodrive cortisol hardgainers, one of the necessary conditions for muscle growth is to avoid any stress in everyday life. In practice, this, of course, is difficult to implement, but it’s still necessary to try not to take the problem to heart, to avoid minor conflicts. The problem is that ectomorphs are, by their nature, quite easily excitable. It is difficult to advise something here, except to find time for daily solitude …

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