Does rhubarb pie make you fat?

By | September 15, 2018

Rhubarb, athletes have been exploiting its properties for a very long time. Why is she wanted? For its high vitamin content above all. If it is a question of diet, the rhubarb pie is allowed and even recommended but in small doses.

Its fibers take great care of the digestive system. By improving transit, it helps the body not to store unnecessary fats. However, it is not indicated for people with kidney problems.

And as with any pie, if you do not know how to stay reasonable or if you choose the wrong ingredients, you will gain alphenta keto pro weight, with too much calories!

Rhubarb pie can make you fatter if you’re not careful
What is a pie? It’s a dough first and that’s the first problem. A pie dough is hardly light and your diet could be delayed if you eat it regularly. Then, the sugar, hidden or not, is never far away.

That’s why we must remain vigilant. Rhubarb, in itself, is interesting for your figure. In the form of pie, be careful: that your greed does not make you make too big differences. Once, occasionally, however, you can allow yourself a share without feeling guilty.

How to lighten a rhubarb pie?
First of all, you can very simply concoct a pastry with your thermomix. It’s easy and you control any intake of salt, sugar or fat. By selecting organic ingredients and making sure you do not choose a calorie recipe, you will get a healthy dough (often gluten free).

Then forget immediately the meringue pie, too caloric but against, you can associate your rhubarb with apples, banana, raspberry … It is also possible, as in the vegan kitchen, to prepare a pie without egg neither cream. This reduces the kcal content drastically and is good news.

How to prepare a homemade and light rhubarb pie?
Get inspired by a traditional recipe but replace the problematic ingredients. For example:

Ingredients for the dough:
200 grams of flour
50 grams of ground almonds
50 ml of vegetable oil (and 100 ml of water)
1 pinch of salt
Ingredients for the filling:
350 grams of rhubarb
1 tablespoon brown sugar
100 ml almond cream
Start by preheating your oven at 180 °
Prepare your dough by mixing all your ingredients together in a thermomix
Fry your rhubarb in a little oil, in the pan
Spread rhubarb over spread dough and bake
Cooking time: 30 minutes

Programs like Weight Watchers also offer their light version of the rhubarb pie, giving you ideas to vary the pleasures!

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