Researchers decrypt the best sexual positions?

By | September 27, 2017

Not easy to preserve his back when androforce x10 you take pleasure. The problem is that people with low back pain sometimes have to sacrifice a few carnal relationships to avoid violent back pain after too hectic antics.

Mal de dos : des chercheurs décryptent les meilleures positions sexuelles

The solution ? Researchers at the University of Waterloo, Canada, are considering delivering it in an original edition of the special low back pain Kamasutra (low back pain). “This is a serious academic study that seeks to improve the quality of life and sexual relations of people who suffer from back pain,” says Stuart Mc Gill, a professor of kinesiology at the University of Waterloo. This work could “help physicians prescribe appropriate positions.” A better understanding of the specific muscle groups or other tissues involved in intercourse should allow physicians to deter their patients from adopting positions that exacerbate pain. ”

In the scientific journal Spine the researchers unveil a preview of some information on the best sexual positions to adopt for men prone to low back pain.

To verify the movements of the spine, the researchers equipped 10 pairs of infrared and electromagnetic motion sensors. Five classic positions have attracted their attention, namely two variants of the greyhound, two variants of the missionary, and the spoon.


First observation: the position of the spoon (elongated on the side) is not the panacea for low back pain, although it is recommended by doctors to avoid back pain. It really depends on the movements that trigger the back pain, which varies from man to man.

Men who do not support the flexion of the back, when touching their toes or remain seated long, should avoid the Muscle Enhancement spoon of the opinion of researchers. The greyhound is rather indicated. Conversely for men who suffer during the extension of the back should privilege the spoon or the variant of the missionary with a support on the elbows.

And women in all this? Patience! The Canadians promise us to release a “Kamasutra” of the low-back female version in a few months.

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