How to remove stretch marks in the armpits?

By | December 6, 2018

Stretch marks are a real scourge. Usually associated with pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss , white or purple welts can appear on any area of ​​your body.

If your hips, buttocks, breasts and thighs are the first parties involved, these welts can also be lodged under the armpits.

They are difficult to remove, but there are effective ways to get rid of them.

Hydrate well to remove stretch marks on the upper body
To restore elasticity to your skin and nourish it deeply, a moisturizer is a great idea. This is why people who hydrate their Keto plus premier skin every day sometimes have less stretch marks than those who hydrate themselves rarely. Even if these stretch marks are a question of genetics above all …

So you must hydrate yourself as soon as you see a stretch mark appear under the armpit. On the other hand, if your stretch marks are recent, only the aspect will be improved.

Massage with anti-cellulite creams
You can massage your stretch marks twice daily with some anti-stretch mark creams that contain active substances such as silicon, vitamin E or vitamin A . These substances stimulate the production of elastic fibers of your skin. They also have a moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory action, but have no effectiveness on old stretch marks.

Also consider using a regular aloe vera gel to massage the affected area . Because the aloe vera gel helps to repair the damage of the skin. This gel is therefore essential in the treatment of stretch marks. Instead of using artificial creams, you must massage with this Aloe Vera gel. It will bring you the most beneficial nutrients and vitamins for your skin.

So some effective ways to remove stretch marks in the armpits are remedies that use the simplest ingredients ( cocoa butter , aloe vera, olive oil, etc.).

Some homemade treatments to remove stretch marks under the armpits?
There are homemade treatments that you can use to remove or reduce red stretch marks under your armpits.

Almond oil and rose hip moisturize your skin . They are therefore appropriate to help regenerate skin damaged by stretch marks. you can make an application of each product under your armpits. The ideal is to do it every day after showering. By treating your red stretch marks, they will disappear easily.

Horsetail is also an excellent remedy for stretch marks on the upper body.

Silicon is the natural regenerant that can be found among the components of horsetail. It is a medicinal plant that brings you a large amount of health benefits. As for your stretch marks under your armpits, it is very effective!

To make this home remedy, take 1 liter of alcohol at 40º and let macerate 100g of horsetail inside. Then add 8 to 10 drops of lemon juice. You must leave at least one month. As soon as the time has passed, you must dilute everything with half a liter of water. Massage the parts of your underarm affected circularly 2 times each day.

Monitor the weight to avoid stretch marks under the armpits
To avoid the appearance of stretch marks on this area of ​​your body, it is necessary to monitor your weight to avoid subjecting the skin to very strong stress . Elastic fibers and dermis may have difficulty adapting to sudden and significant weight gain and thus cracking.

Similarly, if you want to lose weight, Phyllanthus Embica do it gently avoiding too drastic diets. Sport can be your ally to stabilize your weight, but also for a firm figure. You have to do the targeted bodybuilding exercises on the upper body.

If you are a man, it is useless to exaggerate your muscles. This can cause stretch marks to appear under your armpits.

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