Reishi mushroom is health and beauty secret?

By | September 28, 2017

More and more people are betting lejuve cream to find in nature the cure to the great diseases of this century. Precursor, knowledgeable and expert in the field, the Asian population has in plants one of the essential pillars of their traditional medicine, and in the mushroom Reishi, the secret of health and longevity. In today’s post, we introduce you to all the properties and benefits that make it a star product already consumed by many celebrities . Encourage your beauty; improve your health Cardiovascular system Related to the style and pace of life and, of course, diet, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death across the planet. The consumption of the Reishi mushroom, as well as the

Shitakee , better known, exert a protection over our heart and circulatory system of harmful external conditions and agents. On the other hand, its anticoagulant properties allow to avoid diseases like heart attacks and thrombosis.

Reduces Cholesterol
The intake of this fungus is perfect for balancing cholesterol levels. The triterpenes are, in this case, in charge of protecting the liver so that the fats that harm it do not manifest themselves in high levels that destabilize the flow and density of the blood and the optimal functioning of the organism.

Digestive system
One of the most important therapeutic purposes of this product infers directly in the treatment and improvement of the digestive system from the fiber and complex carbohydrates of which they are carriers. Reishi mushrooms also become the perfect ingredient to maintain weight and lose weight due to its low caloric intake.

system The immune and immune system is responsible, in our body, to protect us against diseases and to deal with them in case of suffering them. The Reishi mushroom is composed of polysaccharides that balance and maintain this system . The consumption of this product is therefore ideal to combat the worst side effects that cause treatments as aggressive as chemotherapy.

Mental health
The importance of good health and functioning of our body depends, to a large extent, on the positivity, the balance and how to face the situations and problems of the day to day. We know that one of the keys to an optimal mental state is in the diet. In this case, the Reishi mushroom is very effective to avoid situations of stress, anxiety or depression. In addition, their intake favors our memory.

Antioxidant Properties
Named in some Eastern countries as ‘the mushroom of immortality’,their properties and assets (the germanium among them) combat free radicals and the signs of aging from within. Cells benefit from this component that protects them against external conditions that alter them.

How to take it
The texture and taste of this Essentials Skincare fungus does not favor its marketing as such. Therefore, we can find the product in pharmacies in the form of capsules . José Sánchez, pharmaceutical technical director of NEOVITAL HEALTH states “it is a non-toxic fungus that can be taken in moderate amounts and with other nutritional supplements without adverse side effects . ”
Its natural origin allows all people to take it but you should consult with a doctor if you are pregnant, in a postoperative process or take medications on a regular basis.

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