Do a regimen before an operation to lose weight?

By | April 16, 2018

Do a regimen before an operation to lose weight?
When a person is overweight or obese keto tone and must undergo surgery , the specialist who performs the act will impose a diet to lose weight.

For a fortnight, the patient will prefer a diet that will proscribe fat . Following a detox cure will not be enough . Indeed, for the needs of an operation, the subject must also change his lifestyle.

Why follow a slimming diet before an operation?
A surgical operation must allow us to preserve our health. This medical procedure is not without risk and, except emergency, the practitioner will require that the patient is in the best possible conditions before operating.

Overweight is one of the states that adds real risks to an operation. Surgeons therefore require the patient to follow a strict diet to burn fat.

What diet to follow to lose weight?
A preoperative diet has two main functions: to burn fat and preserve energy reserves so that the subject resists the aggression that is the intervention. This detox cure will be low in fats and fast sugars. The balance of the 7 categories will be reviewed for a correct diet:

– Starchy foods and cereals : rich in slow sugar, they provide energy . It must be consumed during the 3 meals.
– Fruits and vegetables: rich in water, low in fat, you must consume 2 servings per day (2 fruits and 2 vegetables).
– Meat and lean fish : chicken, veal, beef 150 g per day. Cod , sole, turbot enter the menu twice a week. Baking or frying.
– Dairy products : milk, yoghurt or white cheese with 0% fat to be consumed once a day.
– The drinks :water and unsweetened infusions are to be consumed without restriction . Unsweetened tea and coffee are tolerated. Other drinks are forbidden.

Finally, fats (butter and vegetable oils) and sweet or salty foods (chips, pastries, chocolate …) are to be avoided.

Change your lifestyle
It is unlikely that a detox cure is enough to quickly reach the weight goal set by the health staff. The risks that obesity adds to an intervention are numerous.

They include heart weakness, abnormalities of the digestive system, hematology or inflammation of the operated areas. The subject will also have to change his lifestyle and be very motivated . Having regular physical activity , stopping smoking and consuming alcohol, and having good dental hygiene are some of the rules that will help burn fat , but also to be ready for surgery.

Any surgical operation requires the advice of a team of specialists. In the context of an intervention to treat an obese person, the CPAM imposes a complete and multidisciplinary diagnosis issued by the surgeon, the nutritionist , the endocrinologist, the Gastroenterology, the radiologist, the cardiologist, the pulmonologist, the anesthesiologist and sometimes the psychiatrist and the psychologist.

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