Recover sexual desire

By | September 29, 2017

It is proven that lack of sexual desire thrive max affects women more than men. There are several reasons for this and we must identify them to remedy this situation, which can end a healthy relationship as a couple, because you know the saying “not only bread lives man.” And this serves both men and women.

It is necessary to identify the causes of the absence of desire, to be able to recover the sexual desire, and to be able to live past the fifty a full life both physically, mentally and sexually.

The causes of women’s lack of desire may be multiple, but most of them are determined by educational, psychological, and emotional factors.


The lack of interest in having sex may be due to apathy, to the routine, to the blissful stress to which we are subjected, and of course! we almost always accept roles predetermined by society or education and that prevent us from enjoying sex at any age.

Let’s identify some of the causes, which cause us this lack of desire and to recover our sexual appetite .

Enough to believe in Super Women and deal with a job that is no longer ours. We raise our children, Now that our children raise our grandchildren. It’s okay to be a grandmother, but no obligations.

We have arrived – perhaps – at the most beautiful stage of our life, the one in which we already have the duties done and it is time to live without sacrificing ourselves for the family commitments and overload of tasks. We think that our time has come to enjoy our partner – if we have it – and if we do not have, as we want to live.

Let’s look for time and space for concentration, enjoyment and sex.

Have we had bad experiences?

We have to think that our sexuality is in our mind, so if we have had some bad experience it is time to stop and think about why.


Fortunately we have had to live in the age of science, and information, no matter what has been our sex education

, let’s take advantage to start getting to know each other sexually, learn to know our body and their reactions, forget the taboos of an education based on prohibition, enjoy ourselves, stop thinking that sex is something dirty. To think that an informed person is an open-minded person, let us take advantage of the era in which we have lived to benefit ourselves.

Are we obsessed with not reaching orgasm?

To think that in the sexual act the priority is not the orgasm, is to enjoy the act, our body and our partner.

Sometimes we are more aware of how our partner sees our body, than what we are doing. Stop thinking that they are watching you, concentrate on what you are doing, think that in those moments your partner does not notice if you have a few michelines here or there, most likely they also have the body as the cousin of zumosol, but do not get overwhelmed by it, enjoy what they do. Imitate him, let him turn on the lights, look into his eyes, relax, let go and … Enjoy.

If for any reason both are going through an era of sexual apathy and there is a medical cause, you can take some thrivemax Testo complement that will lift your spirits, such as Damiana , is great for those times when without knowing why, we do not feel like nothing.

Remembering the keys to recover sexual desire are very simple:

Knowing our body is paramount.

Be well informed.

Banish taboos.

Let yourself go (unless it’s something you definitely do not want)

Express clearly what you want.

And above all remember always, that the only ones responsible for experiencing pleasure are ourselves.

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