Is a raw diet compatible with bodybuilding?

By | October 18, 2018

Is a raw diet compatible with bodybuilding?

The raw diet, or “crudivorism” consists of not cooking the food that is consumed . The choice of food to eat raw is limited, some less drastic raw diets tolerate very light cooking.

A priori, the nutrients are not degraded and, except for a vegan raw diet , there should be no specific contraindication to practice bodybuilding … A priori only, because the raw diet is not without risk .

Is the raw diet compatible with a sporting lifestyle ?
In its strictest form, crudivorism does not allow animal or fish proteins . Since athletes and bodybuilders need protein to rebuild muscle fibers after exercise, it may be that such a diet generates significant deficiencies that only plant proteins can not fill.

In addition, raw food is usually low calorie, the deficit Teal farms keto in calories and fatigue resulting will also affect the performance of athletes , unless the latter are not dry. The less restrictive diets that allow meat are however recommended and can be perfectly suited to the practice of soft bodybuilding, indeed some legumes and seeds can provide complex carbohydrates quality.

For marathon runners or endurance sports, it is better to turn to other diets, less low in carbohydrates.

The feeding raw food and its benefits
Raw food or raw food is by definition vegan and frugivorous . Food should be eaten raw and preference is given to organic and / or alkalizing products. There are some variations that allow meat and fish , but the strict rule is to never bake products at temperatures above 40 ° C.

The followers of this vegan diet extol its merits for health. Indeed, the raw diet helps fight against certain diseases, including cancer, and live in good health longer. Studies have yet to be conducted to find out more about this and find out if there are any dangers or deficiencies of vitamins.

The vegan recipe to start your raw diet
I want to feast, but I’m in the raw diet … It’s certainly what you say. No worries, it is quite possible to combine flavors and healthy cuisine by focusing on quality ingredients.

Beet , or red cabbage salad, decorated with sesame seeds, will bring you vitamins very useful to the body. Certainly you will not have the energy to run a marathon , because your energy level will certainly be lower than usual but you can keep a flat stomach all summer thanks to the raw diet.More Information…

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