Are Pregnancy and Combat Sports Really Incompatible?

By | January 7, 2019

Of course, when you are pregnant, it is better to avoid fighting sports (such as boxing or judo), far too extreme and therefore dangerous for the baby to come. In the same way, the martial arts are to be proscribed.

So, to keep moving despite the baby’s upcoming arrival, which physical activities to turn to ?

Why is it better to avoid combat sports during pregnancy?
Do you like martial arts or combat sports ? Put your passion in parentheses when you learn that you are pregnant. Indeed, any blow received on the stomach can cause irreversible damage to the baby.

But the list of physical activities to avoid does not stop there.

What are the other risky activities?
Other physical activities are rather bad for a pregnant woman because they present risks of falling or blows. So, stop skiing, cycling or rollerblading as soon as you learn that you are expecting a child. But it is better to stop practicing running or team activities like handball or basketball, for example.

Recommended activities before giving birth
You can not bring yourself to stop any physical activity despite your pregnancy? With the agreement of your doctor or nutrix slim keto your gynecologist, it is quite possible to continue to move, provided you respect his rhythm and listen to his body. As the pregnancy progresses, the sessions will have to be supported.

In order to relax and learn to behave well, thus avoiding back pain, it is advisable to do prenatal yoga or Pilates. However, be careful not to perform exercises that require the abdominal belt.

It is also possible to practice brisk walking every day for 30 to 45 minutes . Finally, swimming (especially the crawl), allows to work the back muscles and thus relieve the lumbar. The weight of the body is not a brake because the water carries you.

You will understand, boxing, judo or karate are bad for the future mother and baby. If you are a follower of one of these activities, put your passion in parentheses for 9 months and slowly but surely resume training two months after childbirth.

If the idea of ​​doing nothing scares you, you can turn to gentler activities like prenatal yoga , effective for relaxation, swimming, ideal for the back, or just walking, to stay toned. .

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