Pre and Post Workout Nutrition: The Best Way to Consume Nutrients

By | October 29, 2017

In this article we will go a little deeper slim ultra forskolin into nutrition in terms of everything that surrounds a workout in the gym.

This is a topic in which many questions are often asked a lot, so before you start you should make some clarifications. Depending on your goals you will have some specific characteristics regarding your diet:

Resistance Athletes :

These train to compete at a high level. They do sessions of a lot of miles with a high intensity every week. In your case, the calorie needs (in particular of carbohydrates) are greater. It is advisable to eat in the middle of training proteins plus carbohydrates in a liquid form.

Bodybuilders :

Bodybuilders lift weights and cause somewhat elevated muscle damage.In order to gain muscle you need a higher intake of calories, which would also be attractive to add protein with carbohydrates in liquid form in the middle of training.

Preparing for a Fitness Contest :

You accumulate a lot of training hours, and at the same time you will be trying to decrease body fat (<10%). In this particular case, the carbohydrate requirements are lower and it is quite interesting to supplement with a BCAA supplement in the middle of training.

In all the previous cases the most important thing is:

Do not suffer from deficiencies of any nutrients (this will avoid with the consumption of nutritional supplements).

Make sure you take the amount of food your body really needs.

Eat in a way that is consistent with your goals.

For those who are interested in learning a little more, we will delve into this aspect. This is not necessary for those people who only do sports that they like, this is designed for those who want to go a little later, specifically, in the world of bodybuilding . First let’s talk about what happens before training, during training and in periods of time after training. We will also explain to you what you should consume in order to get the maximum benefit from each of these moments.

Nutrition Before Training or Pre-Training:

Three hours before your training session you need to eat some proper food that will help you preserve your muscle mass, accelerate your recovery with protein just before you exercise, can help you maintain or increase your muscular size. This is extremely important for anyone wishing to improve their health, appearance, body composition and performance.

It may decrease or prevent markers of muscle damage, such as myoglobin, creatine kinase, and degradation of myofibrillar protein.

Carbohydrate consumption or a placebo before training does not have the same effect. The lower the muscle damage, the faster the recovery.

An increase in the bloodstream full of amino acids just when your body needs them. This will increase your ability to build muscles, so not only will you avoid damage, but increase the size of your muscles.

Carbohydrate Contributions Just Before Training.

They give energy to fulfill your training and will help you to get better recovery. It is a false belief that you only need carbohydrates if you do long workouts, that is, more than 2 hours.

Preserves the proportion of muscular and hepatic glycogen.

It promotes the release of insulin. When combined with protein, protein synthesis improves and prevents degradation. This is one more reason why a mixed meal in carbohydrates and protein is a good idea to eat before a workout.

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