Wear compression stockings during pregnancy: why?

During the 9 months preceding the birth, it is common to suffer from water retention or heavy legs. To limit these inconveniences, the pregnant woman has several solutions among which to wear stockings. Why are they useful, what are their benefits and how to choose them? We tell you everything! Why wear compression stockings during… Read More »

What surgery to lose thighs?

Surgery is one of the options available for thigh thinning . But before you start, you have to read the various existing methods to select the best one. The slimming shop  Liposuction, a big star in aesthetic medicine The excess fat that accumulates in the thigh sometimes cause discomfort. Liposuction helps combat this feeling. It… Read More »

Are veal kidneys allowed during a diet?

Recommended in slimming diets for their protein intake and low caloric value, offal is a very interesting product from a nutritional point of view. With 147 calories per 100 grams, kidneys are particularly indicated in a diet for weight loss. Veal kidneys: what nutritional value? If their caloric intake is a little higher than the… Read More »

How to start the sport at 40?

At age 40, we must recognize that the body changes . Whether the man or the woman, the years have their effects and play sports is a very good solution to stay young and healthy. The fact is that starting or restarting the sport after 40 years seems a bit difficult. Do not worry, here’s… Read More »

How many calories in chocolate fondue?

  This fondue is renowned for being a particularly caloric food. Taking the form of a gourmet fountain or in addition to a paradise of fruit , all this cocoa is not at least not very suitable for people undertaking a diet low calorie . The slimming shop It is considered that for a portion… Read More »

Typical breakfast of the Weight Watchers diet

You’ve probably heard about the Weight Watchers Diet. This extremely popular program allows you to slim down without restriction by having a balanced and varied diet. It offers tailored menus and a calorie calculation of the nutritional value of each food with the SmartPoints or SP system. It is essential not to overlook breakfast. Contrary… Read More »

How to use the cellophane technique to lose weight?

Very trendy, the cellophane wrap promises a localized thinning and effortless … But how to use it to refine his arms? Instructions and tips! Cellophane for thinning arms, how does it work? The technique of wrap is to wrap this or that part of the body in cellophane to make it transpire. In case of… Read More »

How to do a palpate-rolling at home?

Far from the most invasive surgical operations, palpate-rolling is a particularly effective manual tool against cellulite. Only here, we do not always have the means nor the time to go to institute or see a professional. Good news, you can totally consider palpating-rolling at home. The slimming shop Anaca3 How to do ? Is it… Read More »

How many calories are there in cat languages?

In period diet, little candies and cubs in gelatin are not your friends. But faced with a craving for sweet, can you still crack for a biscuit? The delicious cat languages, so crispy, how many calories do they contain? 435 kcal per 100 grams … Not really the ideal, it’s the least we can say!… Read More »

How to lose weight in 5 days with lemon?

The ideal would be to lose weight quickly without breaking the bank in a program too elaborate. An old grandmother’s recipe whose effectiveness is well proven in the world of thinness can save you. It’s about using lemon at the heart of its diet to benefit from its remarkable slimming benefits. Indeed, containing pectin, it… Read More »