Our natural tips for having a flat stomach

By | June 11, 2018

To keep the line, the natural is on the rise. And for good reason: simple, inexpensive and generally free of drawbacks, it really has everything to please.

But to get a flat stomach, are there natural tricks really effective? Yes of course ! Follow the guide, and take back max pro 1000 your digestion, your food and even your breathing …

Flat belly: drink to avoid bloating

While many diets help to lose weight, not all are friends of a flat stomach. Why ? Because not all diets are attentive to digestive health!

To avoid bloating, often a source of unsightly swelling, bet on the natural virtues of plants: the inevitable green tea, or peppermint, consumed in herbal tea daily, will be excellent allies.

Natural tips for a diet “flat stomach”

To have a flat stomach, ensalvez the food well, and chew! It is the condition of a good digestion. And also think of rebalancing your intestinal flora … For that, add to your diet prebiotic foods: garlic, onion or banana are among the most common natural prebiotics.

On the side of probiotics, bet on the milk kefir. To be really effective, he makes himself home, from ferments or seeds (on the Internet) and raw milk.

Massages to have a flat stomach naturally

Your problem is rather an excess of abdominal fat? The natural can also help you. Treat yourself each day to a few minutes of self-massage using a hand-draining oil: in 100 ml of sweet almond vegetable oil, mix 5 ml of grapefruit essential oil and 5 ml of oil essential cedar of the atlas.

Be careful, this recipe is to be avoided during pregnancy!

Better breathe to find a flat stomach

When the round belly withstands everything, it is often the guilty muscles. Distorted by a recent pregnancy, or simply too little stimulated for lack of physical activity, they must be toned!

For this, no need to take an expensive fitness subscription: just … breathe. But no matter how: to find a tonic belly, it is the hypopressive breathing that will help you.

To learn it, knock on the door of a max pro 1000 weight loss yoga class instead. Surprisingly, this breathing makes the abdominal strap work both gently and deeply. The result is guaranteed, in the respect of the physiology and the natural posture.

To naturally lose your little belly, natural tips are really effective. Digest, coconut, breathe: get back to basics!

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