How to lose weight while eating at the restaurant

By | May 31, 2018

How to lose weight while eating at the restaurant
“I want to go to the restaurant! These are the reasons that have always been a drag on starting your diet! Yet nothing is easier shark tank weight loss than combining the pleasure of a good meal with dieting. Everything is in the dosage and the choice of food. With some knowledge and good reflexes, it is possible to eat at the restaurant without getting fat.

Find the perfect restaurant
A multitude of restaurants, including as many regional or international culinary specialties, are located in our cities. Some have a habit of offering richer dishes, while others typically fit into a diet period. In the kitchens of the world, some trends will be avoided: Indian, Oriental or American restaurants will be abandoned, while Asian cuisine will have your favors. In the European gastronomy, some specialties will be avoided: the pizzerias or cheese restaurants (raclette, fondues savoyardes). On the other hand, the breweries and all the restaurants having a broad card will allow you to reconcile diet and pleasure.

Decrypt the menu
When choosing your dishes, consult the preparation mode and the accompaniment. On the side of the appetizers, avoid any cold cuts. Opt for salad, tartar or soup-based vegetables. The fish (grilled, baked) will have your favor, but the grilled meats will also be a good ally. Beware of sauces (bearnaise, tartar) very rich in fat, as well as cooking simmering meats, real fat trap. For the accompaniments, forget the french fries but indulge yourself with all sorts of vegetables steamed (green beans, broccoli …), mashed or baked. Skip the cheese and go to dessert!

Have fun with a dessert
There is no point in depriving yourself of dessert when you dine at a restaurant during a diet. Ideally, it is recommended to avoid ordering an appetizer, a dish and a dessert. Preferably, take a dessert if you have only eaten a dish. There is no question of rushing on pastries, but more and more restaurants are offering light desserts. If you like frozen desserts, choose a fruit sorbet, much less caloric than an ice cream. You can also choose a fresh fruit salad or a fromage blanc with a fruit coulis. You can then enjoy a coffee without sugar to finish your meal.

To limit the calorie intake of your outings to the restaurant, you will consume water, flat or carbonated and avoid bread and alcohol. Likewise for your aperitif opt for a tomato juice, a soda without sugar or a sparkling water. Here are the keys for a convivial and successful evening at the restaurant during your diet period.

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