How to lose hips with a plastic film?

By | December 25, 2018

You want more than just slim hips? Among the many ways to lose weight in this part of your body , have you ever thought about using plastic film? Yes, we are talking about the cellophane in your kitchen.

This method proves to be an ideal natura farms keto solution to refine the silhouette. How to do it ? Here are some tips that will surely help you reach your goal.

How can plastic film help to lose hips?
The principle of plastic film is simple, increase the temperature of your body to stimulate perspiration. This method will allow you among other things to burn fat in your stomach and therefore lose weight. With this method, the weight loss can be up to 1 kg per week.

How to ensure conclusive effects?
There are several tips for losing weight with a plastic film. One can cite the use of blue clay mixed in hot water. Once you have achieved a creamy consistency, your mixture is ready.

All that is left to do is fill the belly with this clay and wrap it with cellophane . To accentuate the result, it is advisable to do physical exercises for at least an hour.

The more you sweat, the more fat you’ll lose in this game . This method should be done at least 3 times a week.

Why use a plastic film to slim down?
By using a plastic film to lose fat in the lower abdomen, it is no longer necessary to join the gyms . Exercises can be done perfectly anywhere, at home or in the office. Most important is to sweat : climb the stairs, go back and forth in the hallway, prepare the meal trying to speed up the pace …

As long as your body is in motion, you are sure to burn calories.

The advantages to follow such a method?
Wrapping your body with cellophane does not only serve to refine your figure , it also eliminates the toxins present in your natura farms keto diet pills body. In addition, the properties of blue clay allow you to avoid various skin problems, including the appearance of cellulite.

A little tip to finish? It is best not to over-tighten the plastic as it may cause difficulty breathing.

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