How to lose 19 pounds in 1 month?

By | April 24, 2019

Want to lose 19 pounds in just 1 month? It’s a huge challenge that you can lift with foolproof determination and great motivation . This involves reducing your calorie intake considerably and doing a lot of sport. Monitoring the diet and working very hard by doing endurance exercises are essential to quickly boost weight loss.

How to lose 19 pounds in 1 month

Decrease calories

19 kilos in one month is not nothing! You need a lot of perseverance to achieve this goal. Start by purifying your body Keto Slim Rx so that it can draw its fuel directly into fat. So do a detox cure by drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning for 2 weeks. Simultaneously, remove the sugar from your nutrition. Without sugar, the body is also obliged to spend the fat mass.

From the first days, gradually reduce your calorie intake. Even keep a journal to count the calories. Choose low-calorie but satiating foods such as animal and vegetable proteins. No need to enter a high protein diet that could cause you deficiencies . It is important to maintain a balanced diet.

It takes a lot of fiber daily to facilitate the degradation of food ingested . The goal is to lose weight quickly by burning far more calories than you eat.

Do intense sports

A low calorie diet is obviously insufficient to lose as many pounds in just a few weeks. Basic exercises such as walking and jogging either! The best is to go to a gym and ask a sports coach to accompany you. It takes a lot of physical effort to drain the fat quickly. This is also why we must eat a lot of protein, to have the strength to play sports.

Some of the exercises you can do to reach your goal include strength training, running , cardio and anything that requires stamina. Starting in the second week, you can even go to interval training or interval training to advance faster to your goal. If you are a woman, doing squat is also advisable . Do not forget to drink plenty of water at all times.

The risks of losing weight as fast

According to nutritionists, losing 1 kg per week is the reasonable goal . If you are too ambitious and impatient, and want to exceed this weekly weight, you risk putting your body to the test. This can lead to Keto Slim Rx general fatigue and other health problems. Nevertheless 19 kilos distributed in 1 month, that makes you about 5 kilos to eliminate per week.

Such a significant weight loss in such a short time is not advisable.

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