Kizomba, the new fitness dance?

By | April 17, 2019

This is a style that we hear more and more about. The offer of courses is multiplying, there are even online initiations on the web. Whether one is used to breaking the dancefloors or not, all the excuses are good to get started!

Kizomba dance, what is it?

This is a style born in Angola , Africa, and very inspired by the West Indies and their famous zouk. It is found throughout theEnvy Naturals Keto Portuguese-speaking world, but has been exported to many other countries and is experiencing growing success in Europe. It is also the name of the music on which one moves.

The rhythm is relatively slow, it is a dance of couple exclusively, which is characterized by its sensual energy . Better to be comfortable with your partner!

Originally, kizomba was urban and very popular, danced in all family celebrations. But crossing the borders of Angola and arriving in Europe, we mainly retained its swaying and glamorous character.

Lose weight with kizomba, it is possible?

Whether you are a man or a woman , kizomba can above all teach you to reconcile with your body. You will work the movements of waves and little by little, you will manage to let go of you by thinking only of the pleasure of the present moment.

A great way to clear your head! During a session, you will burn more calories.

However, if you are looking for a more sporty style where you spend, preferably choose a discipline that moves at a faster pace , such as traditional African dances, or the new rhythmic activities proposed in a fitness club such as bodyjam.

The interest of learning kizomba

If you have already practiced salsa or bachata , you will soon be comfortable with kizomba. But if you are a beginner , the steps are easy to learn and stay easy , so do not worry. No need to come as a couple in class unless you are motivated to learn together. You will work on your posture and Envy Naturals Keto REVIEWS control of your body. With slow music, you take the time to focus on your placement, and dialogue with your partner.

Kizomba is not made to let off steam, but to share a warm and melodious moment. Take it as an experience to live!

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