By | January 3, 2018


Testosterone is the preferred hormone core max ultra of all bodybuilders. This gives us the energy and vigor to do things, as well as the essential component to increase our muscle mass and have a healthy libido. Testosterone levels will increase during puberty, which explains the rapid increase in height and weight in men at this time, not to mention the pronounced increase in libido that occurs at the same time.

Testosterone motivates men to achieve their ambitions and increases competition among all species. Considering the many benefits of testosterone, it is not surprising to know that men with naturally higher levels find muscle mass and stay slim much easier and stronger and more athletic than those with lower levels. . This remains true until we reach the age of 40 when there is a slow and persistent decrease in testosterone levels due to the aging process.

However, regardless of our age, optimizing our natural testosterone levels should be a priority for anyone who practices a sport or simply for someone who would like to enjoy life better (low testosterone-related depression). in men). The amount of testosterone that you produce naturally is subject to genetic limitations with normal levels of male testosterone that vary significantly over a wide range. Those who have won the genetic lottery will be the natural athletes of life, while people with lower testosterone levels will find it increasingly difficult to gain muscle and strength.

Not everything is lost because there are many things we can do to improve our testosterone levels naturally through positive practices that we can incorporate into our lives and the elimination of negative activities that diminish our body’s capabilities. to produce an optimum level of testosterone. natural genetic limitations. Sleep a lot Research has repeatedly shown that not getting enough sleep causes a drop in testosterone levels that is uniform in all people. The longer the sleep deficit, the harder it is, the worse it is for our testosterone levels. In addition to the duration of sleep, the question of sleep quality. This is because testosterone precedes the paradoxical stage of sleep. Do you hit the pillow and then you go to sleep until it’s time to wake up? Do you wake up easily or have trouble getting up in the morning? Do you wake up several times during the night? Poor sleep quality will cause a decrease in recovery due to lower levels of testosterone and cortisol.

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