Ideas received to lose weight

By | April 30, 2018

Ideas received to lose weight
To lose weight, men as well as women are weightloss-spot victims of many misconceptions. Whether they come from the net, your friends, or your family, misconceptions can hinder your diet. So is there really an ideal weight depending on the size? Which diets to proscribe and which ones to favor? Does sport really lose weight?

The size / weight ratio
Contrary to popular belief, there is no ideal relationship between height and weight. Each person is indeed to study individually. The weight is therefore calculated according to age, heredity, muscle mass, stress, social life, sex, and many other elements. It is therefore advisable to call on a dietician who will be able to define the origin of your overweight and give you a tailor-made treatment adapted to your needs.

It is often said that to lose weight, it is necessary to deprive oneself! Another idea is that a good diet, healthy and effective, is to rebalance his diet. Protein diets, for example, are not very effective in the long term because they allow you to lose weight quickly and regain it just as fast! The key principle of weight loss is to balance your diet, and so on if you occasionally fall for a food that is considered too fat or too sweet. The important thing is to stay in the measure. If you are greedy, do not deprive yourself of chocolate but do not eat four bars a day either. Pay special attention to your meals. If you are a fan of exotic flavors, do not hesitate to perfume a healthy and balanced dish by helping you with your favorite spices. Some spices like cinnamon or turmeric offer real support during a slimming diet.

Does sport make you lose weight?
Strictly speaking, we can not say that sport makes you lose weight. By putting things in their context, we must learn to dissociate lose weight and lose weight. The sport does not lose weight but it makes you lose weight. It will help you to lose some sizes of clothes and find a sporty and harmonious silhouette. Sport is an indispensable element for a diet. Not only does it invite you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but it is also and above all a guarantee of your good health. It not only helps you build muscle, but also eliminates the calories consumed during your meals. The best is to get in the habit of doing sports 3 to 4 times a week. In fact, the more a person does sports, the more calories they burn during sessions thanks to a higher basic metabolism. So if the sport does not lose weight, it is still an asset of choice during a slimming diet.

Among the other accepted ideas for losing weight, it is important to emphasize that organic eating does not lose weight, that if overweight is hereditary, it is not inevitable, and that the creams and capsules to lose weight do not work so much that they are not associated with a balanced diet.

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