What is the ideal snack for not getting fat?

By | May 9, 2018

What is the ideal snack for not getting fat?
No, snacks are not just for kids! pro diet plus It is quite permissible to have breaks during your diet, this is even recommended by nutritionists. However, no question of succumbing to chocolate bars and sodas.

Choose appetite suppressants
An ideal snack is a snack that will keep you going until the next meal without feeling frustrated. But then, which foods to choose? The secret is to bet on appetite suppressants. Dairy products, yogurts and white cheeses are among them. Choose them preferably at 0%, and if you do not support them natures, a touch of jam is allowed, but beware, no abuse! The fruits are a real source of energy, and the apple arrives at the top of the fruits adapted to the snacks-thinness. The kiwi is also recommended, even more if you suffer from digestive disorders. Rich in fiber, it facilitates the transit.

Drink a lot and adapt your snack to your lifestyle
Do not forget to drink water throughout the day, and to accompany your snack, prepare a scented tea. Beware however of fruit juices. They are more caloric than fresh fruits and provide fewer vitamins. They are not forbidden, but a glass is enough, and if it is pure juice without added sugar. You should also adapt your snack to your schedule. If you spend your days sitting behind a computer screen, you will need less energy than if you do physical work. As appropriate, consume energy bars sparingly. Dried fruits, such as nuts and almonds, are a good idea for snacks. Recommended for the most athletic of you, each of us can eat a handful at 17 hours unscrupulous. Rich in fiber and vitamins, they are good allies slimming diets that are easily incorporated into the ideal snack.

The snack must remain a moment of pleasure!
Wondering what is the ideal snack for not getting fat? Beyond the choice of food, it is important to consider this moment as a pleasure break, that you must savor without guilt. The snack is a meal in itself, take the time to eat, chew enough, and avoid doing anything else at the same time. From time to time, give yourself a little pleasure, like some squares of dark chocolate if it’s your cute sin. If you have time, prepare your desserts yourself: by correctly dosing the fat and sugar, you will have much less scruples to offer you a piece of cake to taste it!

The secret of an effective snack in the context of a slimming diet lies in the combination of the judicious choice of food and in the pleasure that comes with it. Take tests, learn how to dose foods, and you will soon find a snack that will allow you to wait until the next meal without getting fat.

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