Homemade potato masque to lighten the skin

By | January 31, 2018

Homemade potato masque to lighten the skin

In ancient times women liked to keep their everfirm anti-aging serum skin light instead of dark, it was a sign that they had not been working in the sun and therefore belonged to the elite of society.
However, nowadays, the opposite is true, the brunette women are those who have been on the beach on vacation instead of being locked in the office working non-stop. Throughout life, fashions have changed and now dark skin is fashionable, but just in case someone wants to lighten their skin or a part of it due to dark spots here has a home remedy:
Homemade potato masque to lighten the skin
To make this remedy we need a pot, a blender, a potato, two tablespoons of honey, half a natural yogurt, essential oil of rose water and a sudorific infusion.
1. In the pot we cook the potato with little water, but without peeling it, so that it retains all its properties.
2. When you see that the potato is soft, for example with a fork, if the fork sinks with little pressure is that the potato is well cooked. Turn off the fire, remove the potato and peel it. With the fork, you make puree, for example in a bowl or deep dish, and add two tablespoons of honey.
3. Now you add the half natural yogurt and mix everything well until you get a uniform paste.
4. On the other hand, to the essential oil of roses we add two tablespoons of honey and a glass of water.

Homemade potato-based mask to lighten the skin
Homemade potato-based mask to lighten the skin
5.Apart we prepare a sudorific infusion (to sweat), from pennyroyal mint or hyssop.
6. Now we apply the mask with our cream made with potatoes, on those areas with spots on the skin, especially the face. This application process should last about half an hour.
7. After we will continue with our chores of the house to sweat, we help each other taking the infusion.
8. Lastly, we clean the face or the applied area of ​​any remaining mask with the essential oil lotion of roses that will serve as a moisturizer.
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