A gym on the beach where you train with scrap

By | June 10, 2018

A gym on the beach where you train with scrap
A quirky gym in which their equipment dxn code strike is made of scrap metal, this is the Kachalka Muscle Beach located in Kiev, Ukraine.

This gym on the beach works in the open and is completely free, but the most interesting thing is that all the machines have been built with waste materials and it has been working for 35 years, being frequented by bodybuilding enthusiasts, hence this Ukrainian beach is popularly known as “the muscle beach” on the island of Tuhev, in the very heart of Ukraine.

Ukraine, gym made of scrap In its facilities athletes will find more than two hundred fitness machines that are suitable for working the different muscles of the body.

Each of the machines for physical training have been built by hand and a large part of them were made with scraps left by the Cold War, transforming into weights and work benches, scattered in a 10-kilometer place where both men and women They carry out their physical exercise routines.

Some of the machines have been manufactured with rusted tank chains, while others have used pulleys and tractor tires, complementing the offer with bars, dumbbells and lifting benches that can be used by all.

The most important feature of this place is the fact of being on a beach and allows physical training with the magnificent outdoor landscape, an idea that was born from the Polish gymnast Kashmiri Jagelsky together with a math teacher named Yuri Kuk who came together in this project creating a space for those who like bodybuilding and that was inaugurated in the decade of the 70s in the last century.

At first glance the place looks like dxn code strike reviews a junkyard, but as they go through the facilities it is possible to verify that it is a complete gym built using different waste objects being unique in the world.

The metal and wood abound in each of these machines made in a traditional way that have also been painted blue but lacking certain luxuries or comforts such as padded seats or plastic-lined pulleys, something that does not prevent this place from always being meet with athletes doing their daily bodybuilding exercises.

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