Does the gluten-free yogurt diet help slim down?

By | November 19, 2018

What is the gluten-free diet ? We have been talking about it a lot lately. This type of diet is very popular because it allows to destock all fat cells to lighten the silhouette and make you feel better day after day, while taking care of the liver.

You thus find a refined silhouette and reduce the watery edema generated by the fat while reducing the feeling of fatigue. In addition, this type of diet allows a quick result by reducing the GI and is also perfectly suitable for people with water retention.

The opinions are unanimous and the weight loss is noted quickly . If this regime is effective, it may also present a danger for certain categories of people, in view of its restrictive aspects.

The keys to the gluten-free yoghurt diet to slim down quickly
In this diet, you can eat whatever you want, as long as the food is gluten-free . We say no to foods rich in rye, barley, slim build keto gluten, kamut and of course not bread, biscuits of all kinds, as well as pasta , semolina, flour, bulgur and pizza. Especially in the evening.

Gluten represents the proteins of these cereals. It is to the latter that we owe the swelling and particularly elastic texture of these preparations. Hidden gluten is also hunted in certain industrial products, such as certain deli meats in trays, prepared dishes, breaded fish , sauces (including soy sauce), sweets and bouillons cubes.

The best thing, when you buy your food, is to look at their composition. Instead, focus on rice flour , buckwheat, corn, chickpea or buckwheat flour. There is also bread specially free of corn flour gluten.

The rice cakes are also excellent to find your line by practicing this diet. Fruits such as bananas can be eaten, but in small quantities.

Menu type of this yoghurt diet
To design these menus, it is slim build keto SCAM SIDE EFFECTS REVIEWS best to opt for the homemade and combine this diet with regular sports practice.

Morning :

1 half lemon squeezed into a large glass of water
a tea or coffee without sugar
a slice of buckwheat bread
a slice of turkey breast
a stirred yogurt
fresh fruit
Noon :

Avocado or raw vegetables with tuna
A portion of white meat with vegetables cooked at will
a coffee with a square of dark chocolate
a compote and a yogurt
Snack :

A yoghurt stirred 0% fat
Evening :

A lentil salad
a portion of quinoa or tofu
vegetables cooked at will
an infusion and a yoghurt.

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