Exercise at Christmas: Can it be done?

By | January 3, 2018

Exercise at Christmas: Can it be done?

Christmas is already with us, time testro t3 of year in which most people take the opportunity to travel to extraordinary places, meet friends and family, etc. But the Exercise at Christmas, can it be maintained?

During this time we break the day-to-day routine and we try to enjoy everything we can. One of the biggest concerns that always invade us are: the Exercise at Christmas, can I keep it? What can I do at Christmas so as not to ruin my figure?

Exercise at Christmas: Recommendations

Christmas is an excellent time but also very stressful, we have business dinners, family meetings in which excesses always prevail, we have to buy gifts, make numbers, in short, we do have some vacation days but they are somewhat stressful.

Therefore, we advise you not to lose your habit of training, that is not an excuse all the Christmas racket to lose your form, because remember that later it will cost you to recover it and you will have thrown away all your cares for the whole year.

Exercising at Christmas will help you to combat the stress of this time and, in addition, you will feel that you do not throw away all your care throughout the year.

In addition, the fact of exercising at Christmas, will help you to combat the stress that accompanies it, try to find a few moments a week for you and take training as something mandatory, as well as avoid the remorse of culinary excesses.

Here are some tips:

1.- Do not go with the feasts:

Try to take care of your diet, do not take this time of year as the perfect excuse to surpass yourself day after day without control.

If you follow that line, it will invoice you. Do not throw overboard the work of the whole year, it is clear that we all have commitments of feasts and insurance that we will pass, but, if for example you have company dinner, then have a healthy and low calorie food, in this way you will compensate that excess, likewise at Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners.

2.- Question about maintenance training:

Remember that at Christmas, it is not just about training to compensate for the feasts, but it will also be an escape route for stress these days: social commitments, family commitments, purchase of gifts, family problems, etc.

Your personal trainer (if you have one) or your instructor in your usual gym, can advise you on what activities or exercises to do during this time of year.


With little time per day (about 30 minutes) you can perform certain exercises that do not necessarily require equipment or materials, and thus keep your muscles active, this way you will maintain your physical shape and when you return to your usual routine you will not know so much.

Training at Christmas will help you to compensate for excesses in your diet and to control the stress generated by this time.

Check online videos of simple routines that you can do without materials or with elements that can be available anywhere.

Our expert, Ruth Cohen, has a channel on YouTube where you will find videos with easy routines that you can do anywhere and in a short time, so there really is no excuse for not moving!

3.- If you go on a trip, choose a hotel with a gym (if possible).

If you take the opportunity to go on vacation and you are lucky that your hotel includes a fitness room, take advantage of it, your body and your mind will thank you, with a few minutes a day before going out for sightseeing or before the copious meals that we Wait, it will be enough.

If this is not your case and you are not going on a trip, try not to abandon your routine of going to the gym, or if you go to your family’s house and it is in another city, there are sure to be gyms that have daily passes that you can enjoy, so that You will lose that habit and you will feel much better with yourself.

There is no doubt that exercising at Christmas will help you to conserve your physical shape and avoid the stress of this time.

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