Exercise burns fat special abs

By | December 29, 2018

The belly is one of the parts of the body where it is the most difficult to lose fat . To achieve this, one must do exercises burn fat adapted and follow a proper diet. What are these exercises? How should it be done? We give you some tips here .

Frog jumps
Still called “Burpees”, it’s a physical activity that you’ve probably done once . This is one of the best exercises to lose fat in the stomach, because it is spending a lot of calories, solicits several muscle groups and especially those located in the abdomen. Plus, it’s a great cardio exercise .

Here’s how to do the frog jumps: stand in a standing position, spread your legs to the width of your shoulders. Bend your legs so that your knees do not extend above your toes, bring your hands flat on the k2 slim keto floor in front and swing your feet back to find yourself in a pump position . Return to your starting position, make a vertical jump by pushing your outstretched arms as high as possible. Repeat the same movement several times .

The squat front
This is an exercise that requires a fairly thorough technical mastery, but by repeating it during your workouts, you will end up mastering it. This is really worth it because it is one of the best exercises to get the results you are looking for quite quickly. It will allow you to lose weight in the abdomen, but also to strengthen your thighs and your glutes .

It consists of placing a bar on your shoulders holding it firmly with your hands in parallel or supine, keeping your back straight and down as in a classic squat .

For your first sessions, use light loads to avoid hurting yourself .

The knee statement
This exercise is very effective for having a flat stomach. It is simple to perform and allows to work in depth the abdominal strap , the abs and the flexor muscle of the thigh on the trunk. To achieve this, sit on a chair so that there is a considerable distance between your back and the back. Put your hands on the sides of the chair to take support while bending your elbows slightly.

Then, tilt your back slightly to the backrest, raise your knees to your bust and lower them in a slow and precise movement. Be sure to contract your abs, keep your back straight and do not tilt back. Do the same movement 15 times , observe a few seconds of rest and resume.

Finally, to avoid taking extra fat, eliminate industrial foods , fastfood meals, foods too fat, too sweet, too salty, etc. If you have trouble setting up an effective feeding program, ask a nutritionist for advice .

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