Essential oils can become your food Post-workout

By | September 15, 2018

In the gym there are many unknowns. One of them is the food that comes after the training. Most people focus on complex carbohydrates, others throw money away with protein shakes purchased at a high cost. But the truth is that neither protein nor carbohydrates come from where they come are the best food for that matter, essential oils are the answer.

Types of essential oils:
Essential oils
Coconut oil: the best for the skin, prima male enhancement although you do not believe it, toning the skin is the best way to bring out the muscles. It is an excellent oil used by women after training to help tone muscles.

Rosemary oil : the best to recover not only the vital energy of our body , but also that of the brain. Preparing it with Ginger oil is one of the best ways to enjoy all its benefits.

Basil oil: this is one of the best and can be combined with lemon essential oil to create a truly rewarding infusion. Sometimes natural fats have better effects than any conventional recuperator.

Do not use these essential oils excessively. Moderate your consumption to a few tablespoons after training. They can also be combined with foods that do not have too much carbohydrates, but a large amount of protein. Many essential oils are used to treat the skin with some massages, but no one had asked about the benefits of consuming them.

You can use the 3 in the diet in a varied way. Not necessarily every day after a workout should be consumed. If you have the 3 you can use them once a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) Without forgetting other food supplements that come from a good diet according to your body weight.

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