Draining massages against cellulite

By | June 10, 2018

Draining massages against cellulite
Whatever our weight, we are all likely to have a day of cellulite … because these unsightly fat tissues can affect women power trim 1200 and men, but also round people as well as thin. However, cellulite is not inevitable and although it is not easy to dislodge, some draining massages have long been proven! Self-massages or professional massages, the point on the question …

What is cellulite?
At the same time cause and consequence, lymphatic dysregulation is at the origin of cellulite, which is nothing less than the accumulation of fat cells, to which are added an excess of water as well as poorly evacuated waste. . This accumulation which is lodged on the fibrous walls of the adipocytes deforms the texture, which gives this effect “skin of orange” not gracious. It is also a vicious circle, because this accumulation causes a slowing of the blood circulation in the areas affected by cellulite, slowing which induces a less good lymphatic irrigation of the cells, etc …

Stimulate the lymphatic flow to evacuate cellulite, including after childbirth
Health professionals are formal: to eliminate cellulite, it must be prevented from settling. What allows lymphatic drainage, which consists of a light massage to reboot the flow, whose disruption is the cause of the accumulation of fat cells. Because unlike the blood flow naturally regulated by a “pump”, the lymphatic flow owes its good circulation to the movements of the muscles (that is why the sedentary life aggravates this dysfunction). To work well, it requires movement (physical exercise, walking …), but sometimes a little help (draining massage). Including after childbirth, because in women, it often happens that the first signs of cellulite (called “residual”, because stored during the 9 months of gestation) appear after a pregnancy.

Draining massage: the professional technique
Physiotherapists are entitled to practice this type of manual massage, as well as trained aesthetic professionals. They stimulate the flow by stimulating the main lymphatic glands located on each side under each clavicle, in the middle of the thorax, at the birth of each thigh, behind each knee and behind each ankle. There are several techniques, but the most radical and the most used is to make slight pressure on these strategic points, imitating a pump, that is to say, pressing gently for a few seconds, then releasing a few seconds, then pressing again … and so on.

Belly, face, arms and legs: the effectiveness of self-massage
According to several specialists, it is the massage itself, and whatever the technique, which has a beneficial effect on the heady and unsightly aspect of cellulite, because the simple fact of stimulating the lymphatic flow ( provided regular practice) leads to improved circulation. Everyone can stimulate it by massaging each day, preferably morning and evening. It also seems that the famous method of “palpate-rolling” has proved its worth. This technique, although a little unpleasant, involves kneading the skin slowly (as if kneading a dough) and performing “snaps” for several minutes in the area concerned, to dislodge fat deposits and reduce the effect ” orange peel “(protect yourself from any violent massage, which could enzymate cellulite!).

Essential oils, an effective complement
To enhance the effect of these massages, it is advisable to carry them with vegetable oils (up to 90% of the mixture) and essential oils (up to 10% of the mixture) known for their draining and slimming action.  power trim reviews As a base of massage oil, argan oil, very penetrating and regenerative, is ideal … but softening sweet almond oil, anti-aging evening primrose oil or restorative rosehip oil can be just as good. A few drops of essential oils must be added, to choose according to the zone to be massaged:

– tarragon or basil for the belly
– cypress for the legs
– geranium or lavender for the arms

Grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, wild fucus, ivy, sea fennel or camphor rosemary are essential oils for general purpose known for their draining action. Finally, the skin of the face being particularly sensitive, it is strongly disadvised to apply these oils.

Anti-cellulite massage devices
To firm the tissues, break the greasy stuck in the hypodermis and help eliminate..

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