Does maple syrup make you fat?

By | June 11, 2018

Going on a diet when you’re addicted to sweet flavors may seem impossible, but some foods, like maple syrup for example, may give you a smile and help you lose weight.

Maple syrup an ally to lose weight?
While white sugar and rice syrup are premier diet keto particularly calorific, maple syrup contains 260 calories per 100 grams; maple syrup does not get fat.

To lose weight, it is even an excellent alternative to refined sugar and other industrial products that are sometimes difficult to do without.

What are the benefits of maple syrup?
Maple syrup has many virtues. It contains anti-oxidants that your body needs. These boost the body’s ability to absorb glucose and turn it into energy. This specificity gives maple syrup a very low glycemic index.

It also contains phasic acid and abscisic acid. Maple produces them naturally to combat the effects of stress. Introduce maple syrup into your diet and you will also benefit from its anti-stress properties.

The most interesting thing about this product is its incredible richness in terms of its composition. It is therefore a food that has its place in your slimming menus.

How to consume maple syrup?
With such great strengths and a good calorie level, maple syrup makes you look and you wonder if you can eat at will.

A large excess makes you fat, it’s obvious. In addition, it is a sweet product, the major disadvantage is that it will not help you wean off sugar as it will remind you of the taste.

It may be prudent to consume maple syrup in moderation if you want to lose weight quickly durably. You will more easily reach your slimming goal if the craving for sugar is lessened.

But then, your little biscuits with maple syrup, when to eat them? The days when you play sports, in a detox drink, on Christmas Eve, Sunday morning for a pleasure breakfast, the opportunities are not lacking, rest assured.

Introduce the maple syrup in a tasty and light recipe, from time to time and you can enjoy a delicious sweet taste without ruining your progress slimming.

Where does the maple syrup come from?
Before you even get interested in this premier diet keto reviews product to find out if it is getting thinner or fatter, you had heard about maple syrup. It’s inevitable. It is Canada’s iconic product. Produced in large quantities in Quebec, it stands out as the winter product par excellence.

The export has made known maple syrup to the world who enjoys it all year round now. The advantage is its low glycemic index that allows you to have fun without too much guilt.

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