The diet of paradox, based on pleasure

By | December 12, 2017

The diet of paradox, based on pleasure

After carrying out a diet, it becomes daily choice hemp oil an obsession not to recover those kilos that we have lost. The statistics and data do not help and conclude that more than 80% of individuals who undergo dieting end up with obvious overweight, and more than 70% return to the weight of the one who had left. In today’s post, the psychologist Jorge López Vallejo gives us the keys to

why diets get fat and the fundamental guidelines so you do not suffer the dreaded rebound effect.

Traditional diets

Following a diet or diet entails three premises that seem inevitable: sacrifice, prohibition and control. But what happens when you leave the diet? Well, basically, we stop suffering and we throw ourselves into the arms of pleasure without restraint, in such a way that we quickly forget perseverance and discipline and recover at the same speed the lost. The problem is that once those kilos are recovered, we enter into a cycle of disappointment because we do not achieve the goals we set for ourselves. That is why we have to influence what is against us.

The diet of paradox

A paradox is something that seems contrary to logic. The diet that Dr. López Vallejo presents to us will be based on the opposite of what all the others are based on. It is based on pleasure. “If I give myself what I like, after a short time it will cease to please me so much and I will be able to renounce it without effort or frustration,” says the psychologist.

The guidelines that must be followed to complete this diet are fundamentally two:

1. Eat what you want, nothing is forbidden. The only pre-description is that it is in the three meals, in such a way that we immediately associate pleasure with duty. The more times we eat what we want, the less attractive it will seem to us. “Whenever you eat something between meals, you must commit to eat five times the same,” this generates a feeling of rejection, the expert tells us. In addition, a self-regulation will appear in a natural way that will allow a better control of our weight.
2. Activity that we like. Performing physical exercise can not become unpleasant because we will end up pushing it away. We must choose a sport or activity that we like to feel good about what we are doing and practice with constancy and without obligation this activity.
“We failed by focusing on the problem because we relied on the prohibition and the idea of ​​limitation and sacrifice control to solve a problem; therefore, sooner or later they become unbearable because they collide heavily with the fundamental sensation on which our relationship with food is based: pleasure … Pleasure must be the basic foundation and not the accessory of a food program “, concludes the doctor.

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