The detox diet for vegetarian, we tell you everything!

By | November 19, 2018

Detox diets are very popular and can reboost your entire body in just a few days . They also melt a few pounds in passing and that, nobody will complain about it.

Is it suitable for vegetarians? Yes, absolutely since this type of diet is mainly focused on fruits and vegetables . Finally, there are very few adjustments to make.

What will I find on the menu?
To better understand this diet, the ideal is to discover how a typical day is organized. To go even further, here are three!

Day 1
Morning : an unsweetened tea made from cinnamon and apple
Lunchtime : a green smoothie ketofit canada with spinach and pineapple, a little pasta with leek whites drizzled with a light vinaigrette , diced pineapple for dessert
Evening : a pan of various vegetables including including eggplant , artichoke, celery and tomato with dessert, a half grapefruit
Day 2
Morning : a green smoothie made from cucumber , kiwi and apple
Lunchtime : salad with raw vegetables and chick peas, risotto with asparagus , cinnamon orange quarters
Evening : a quinoa salad and a fruit salad
Day 3
Morning : a green smoothie with lettuce, spinach and banana
Lunchtime : a chickpea salad , artichoke hearts and diced mango
Evening : a paella veggie with a fruit
Would I really lose weight?
First of all, you will surely notice that these menus suppress any sugar intake, any industrial product and any added fat. With these simple actions, yes, you will lose weight but you will also feel better in your body and you will also reduce your cellulite !

It is a natural food program and brief but especially very effective, even for a woman who often has more difficulty to lose weight.

How to avoid deficiencies?
By following this vegan diet, you will stay healthy. You are full of vitamins and the benefits do not stop there! You will keto fit also see a significant improvement in bloating and other swellings due to water retention .

No deficiency possible, especially not in three days. But if you have doubts, ask your doctor for more information and advice.

The benefit of a vegetarian detox diet goes far beyond its slimming effect . It gives your body a boost and cleans it from the inside.

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