Definitive menu of low carb diet

By | September 29, 2017

In the low carbohydrate diet foods qute balance garcinia containing sugar or white flour are not allowed. There are even some fruits in the

Low-carb diet such as pineapple, citrus, banana or watermelon are restricted but there are some that if allowed.

low-carbohydrate diet

Those foods that are allowed on the low-carb diet are cheese, eggs, seafood, fish, meat, all the grease and starch of green vegetables. It should be known that these types of low carbohydrate diets are high in fat. The number of carbohydrates that can be consumed per day varies according to the person.

So some people may need 20 grams to lose weight in a week , as other people may need 60 grams per day.

A plan that contemplates a diet low in carbohydratesthey find it difficult to follow those vegetarians. Also those people who do not like to consume cheese, eggs or meat will be difficult to follow this type of diet for a long time.

But these low-carbohydrate diets can become a different way to enjoy foods such as pork chops, cheese, tortillas, fish, shrimp, steaks, and you’ll be comfortable eating desserts, potatoes and bread.

Menu low carbohydrate diet

The diets low in carbohydrates are made of those vegetables which contain starch and also are low in carbohydrates. You can consume a rich vegetable salad of carbohydrates.

There are many ways to combine vegetables in the low carbohydrate diet but either way these vegetables taste good.

List of vegetables for the low carbohydrate diet

Cucumbers without added sugar
Sea vegetables
Bok Choy
Abundant green leaves such as kale, mustard, chard, etc.
Green leaves like spinach, lettuce, etc.
Celery Root
Artichoke Hearts

Brussels sprouts
Bamboo shoots
Green onions
peppers Red
peppers Green peppers
Green beans
List of vegetables high in carbohydrates
These vegetables are not allowed in this diet:
squashes Potatoes
Beetroot Poultry and low meat Carbohydrates

Poultry and meats are excellent sources of protein. But the concern we can get is the way we’re going to cook it. For example, breadcrumbs containing white flour are not permitted.

Recipe for the low carbohydrate diet

Crumbled pork on the barbecue

Number of calories: 560


Sweet barbecue sauce
1 onion
180 grams of pork loin Preparation

You must heat the oil in the oven and add pepper and salt.
You must cut the pork in half add the medium onion and singe.
In 2 cups water add a sliced ​​onion. Must cook for 2 hours covered.
When they are tender, you must remove the meat and with a fork crushed.
Turn over the water that was used to cook and add the barbecue sauce.But if you want to lose weight definitively I recommend the programDr. Charles “BURNING FACTOR”

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