Daniel Peralta, 16 years old European Under-21 Bodybuilding Champion

By | April 18, 2018

Daniel Peralta, 16 years old European Under-21 Bodybuilding Champion
He is Catalan, he is only 16 years old, his name is Daniel Peralta, European Under-21 Bodybuilding Champion , the youngest in history in this discipline.

Last June, Daniel Peralta won the Enduraflex continental title in Salamanca and according to his own words his triumph was based on good genetics, strict diet and many hours of training.

With only 16 years this young Catalan could by force of perseverance, discipline and much training to sculpt his body, achieving iron muscles that have served him to be European champion of sub-21 of bodybuilding, a title that also nobody had achieved so early age.

He became interested in bodybuilding at age 13 because his brother brought some weights home and he started using them. But it was not until he was 15 years old when he decided to join the gym for the first time, he met his current coach and started a routine of physical training and a serious diet.

Peralta tells his secrets to get to have a really perfect body for a bodybuilder. Among other things this young man goes to the gym between five and six times a week, since one day he leaves for his body to rest.

His workouts usually last two or three hours and during that time he combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The exercises that Peralta practices distributes them in different days and works in each one of them the muscles of the chest, back, legs …, being a training that varies according to the time of the year.

In competition time Peralta does a job with less weight and greater intensity because his food intake is lower and therefore also has less energy, which leads to a higher risk of injury.

Outside of the competition period, the young bodybuilder eats more and therefore has more strength and energy, thus increasing some kilos and in his training he does fewer repetitions.

Its diet is based on a balanced consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, while when it approaches a competition begins a regime to lose weight since during the rest of the year gains muscle mass.

Therefore Peralta performs a very strict diet weighing all foods to know exactly how many proteins, fats and carbohydrates you eat daily.

In addition, not only their diet is strict but also their schedules for each meal, which is every two or three hours and this leads to make about 6 meals a day. Its diet is based on the intake of chicken, fish and vegetables, bread is prohibited in times of

Cataloged as “High Performance Athlete” Peralta already competes internationally and bodybuilding is no longer a hobby, therefore receives sports scholarships and has ceased to be an amateur competitor.

A very young promise of Canada Performance Supplement bodybuilding, Daniel Peralta has next goal in his career as a bodybuilder, to appear at the World Cup to be played in the Caribbean, in the Antilles during the month of November and his goal is obviously to win!

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