Christmas and stress with Mindfulness

By | January 31, 2018

Christmas and stress with Mindfulness

Christmas and the increase in stress tryvexan male enhancement that it produces.

We all know, in reality Christmas has become a new focus of stress.

Stress for the purchases of gifts for everyone.

Stress due to traffic jams in the streets of cities, queues in stores, markets …

Stress for long trips to meet with family and friends.

Stress for the encounter with people of your family with whom in the past you have had “friction”.

Stress due to excessive spending due to purchases, dinners and parties.

And all that is supposed to be done to enjoy and have fun. Well, in what way, right?

Yes, it is true that they are fond dates that most people like. Well, the opposite happens to some, they do not like anything because they bring back memories of loved ones that are no longer there, or because of the great distance that separates them they can not see.

But after all, Christmas is a year’s date that removes our emotions. And how!

What is supposed to be a celebration of Christian origin, the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, becomes the great festival of shopping and a cause, for many people, of being ill.

It’s about enjoying the family encounter. To express love and affection towards the people we love and love. That’s fine, it’s part of healthy human relationships.

The rest is too much. The stress is excessive, the worry for the excess expense, the repentance for the excesses committed in the excess body, the disagreement with other family members.

From my experience, I know that the practice of Mindfulness or Mindfulness helps to manage all that.

On the one hand it gives you tools to not let yourself be carried away by stress in those moments when there seems to be no time, that there are many people buying everywhere and you feel that you are against the clock.


And on the other hand it gives you tools to be present in a conscious way in dealing with others; be it the store staff, your family and friends, the other people you meet, etc.

And also to realize that maybe you do not need to drink or eat so much to celebrate something. Being with full attention to these situations avoid those excesses that you later regret.

We live conditioned largely by our memories and previous memories. Then, every year for Christmas, just as you take the ornaments of last year out of a box, you take out of the box of your memory the same way of doing things and reacting to them, that is, automatically.

In Mindfulness we pay a lot of attention to autopilots. And we avoid those automatisms that take us away from a conscious experience of the present moment. In a fresh and new way, without being conditioned by customs or repetitions of previous occasions that only exist in the memory.

Maybe you expect me to give you a clue here on how to manage Christmas and stress with Mindfulness. I could give you several, but it is not the objective of the post, nor is it the way to understand the practice of Mindfulness. It is useless to apply several “Mindfulness pills” in a timely manner, and then return to the autopilot.

However here I leave the link to an old post with one of those pills for you to put into practice these days and see its usefulness.

The practice of Mindfulness is a way of life. This way of life includes the habitual practice of a few minutes a day of meditation, and then in the rest of everyday life, the use of techniques to maintain full attention, both to the outside world and your emotional response to it.

With mindfulness we train ourselves to observe, outside and inside, everything that happens.

We learn to see it from a somewhat unattached position, without for all that, to live intensely, but at the same time aware that it is part of an always new and changing scenario, in which we are both actors and spectators.


This way you do not get carried away by the different feelings and emotions that these special dates can appear. You just observe them and let go those who have no benefit or interest for you.

You learn to discern, between the real, what happens and the interpretation of your mind based on memories, judgments or prejudices.

Those memories that make you have a bad time in these dates. The longing for a loved one that is not causing suffering. It is not about forgetting those who are not, it is about being aware that they no longer belong to this present moment. Their life had their physical state in which they met us, but the acceptance of the reality of life implies being one with what this moment is.

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