Change your decision to increase the volume of your biceps

By | August 6, 2017


Should I change the width of my catch (wide or narrow) for exercises with a bar for larger biceps?

Increase biceps volume

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The flexion of the biceps is the king exercise to develop the mass of the biceps , as it adequately solicits the group of muscles of the biceps. But you can get even more thanks to this old technique of changing the width of your grip to alter the angle of the muscles.

Sock Options to Strengthen Your Biceps

Standard Grip: For most bodybuilding practitioners , it is a grip where the gap between the hands corresponds to the width of the shoulders. In this position, the arms are quite vertical and the shredfx price biomechanics of the flexion is optimal. This grip allows the two parts of the brachial biceps to be stressed in order to raise the weight.

Wide Grip: Any grip that exceeds shoulder width is considered broad for biceps flexion with a bar, but a gap of about 15 cm beyond the shoulder width is a good average. A wide grip places more emphasis on the short part of the brachial biceps .

Narrow grip: Any grip whose width is smaller than the shoulder is considered narrow. Most bodybuilding practitioners can train comfortably with a gap about 5 cm shorter than shoulder width or just a little less than the width of the hips. A narrow grip puts more emphasis on the long part of the biceps .

Variations: Although a shoulder-width grip intensely applies to all parts of the biceps, it is important to increase the gap in your intake to stress the biceps muscles under many different angles as possible). The variation of the catches allows a greater and more complete development.

You can add catch changes for your biceps training exercises as follows:

1) Increase the width of your grip by 5 cm for each training session, starting with a gap slightly smaller than the shoulder width and ending with a wider 15 cm grip beyond your shoulders.

2) Do the same thing during a single training session, changing the width of your outlet to each set.

3) Integrate your own variations of these tips to constantly change the width of your intake, and developing your bicep muscles will be stimulated.

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