Challenge your brain with SUPERA

By | September 15, 2018

The poison to the brain: laziness. Slow information processing, memory failures, difficulty concentrating are some of the consequences that laziness ‘injects’ daily into our brain.

The brain is the main work tool we have, it commands all our actions, both physical and emotional. And to keep you in full working condition you have to challenge him. One way to get around laziness by keeping your brain active and healthy is with brain gymnastics.

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A comparison is quite convenient when it comes to gymnastics; when the physical body is sedentary, laziness dominates intell x pro and we tire even to climb a staircase with many steps. Thus, it is also with the brain, when we least exercise it, less thinking and reasoning we have. And both for the academy for the physical body and for the cerebral academy, practice time is becoming more and more enjoyable and indispensable in the life of those who practice.

In the network of Super – Brain Gymnastics franchises the main purpose of training is this: to exercise the brain and thus to improve mental abilities. Challenges stimulate and keep the brain sharp to respond quickly to all activities.

In Supera was developed a unique material so that the brain would perform better with the passing of activities, the booklet Opening Horizons. Another tool used by the Supera students is the abacus, an ancient instrument of beads that helps concentration and logical reasoning. Educational games are also used both as a team and as individuals. There are more than 100 games that work the personal intelligences.

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