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Guide to Beginner Cultures

The purpose of each bodybuilder is to build fast and quality muscle mass. In order to achieve this, the following conditions must be met cumulatively: conducting very intense training; Providing sufficient time to recover between training sessions; a sufficient caloric intake based on a variety of food, vitamins and minerals: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, water, etc.… Read More »

How to train at home?

If you’ve decided to train yourself at home, as a beginner and not only, you need some basic tips that will help you progress and do not give up training. As I have written in the previous article , the variety of exercises is limited and depends on the equipment you are willing to buy.… Read More »

Beginner’s Guide: How to Make Your Workout Perfect

Making yourself a training program yourself can be challenging. And rightly so. There are many ways you can give it to the bar. Especially if you are a beginner and you do not have much experience, but it is difficult for advanced. You have to take into account many variables: your body, goal, program, lifestyle,… Read More »

Drying menu at 2300 kcal

If you are a woman who wants to start a weight loss diet to dry and gain muscle while losing fat , here is an example of a typical menu to achieve your goal. This diet is to be realized over a few weeks only to see the first results on your silhouette. If you… Read More »

Bodybuilding, nutrition and student life

H avernyaka in those days, when you were in school, you did not have problems with power supply. Loving parents choked the refrigerator with all sorts of goodies, and even cooked several meals a day, if only the beloved child was not starving. However, that very “adult” student life has come, and you have destroyed… Read More »

Myths and Truth about Arnold Schwarzenegger

And Rnold Schwarzenegger became the idol of bodybuilding, the most famous representative of this sport. Actively and successfully popularized bodybuilding through the cinema (although he was not the first to do this – remember Steve Reeves). But was he perfect? Can Schwarzenegger be considered a bodybuilding standard? Let’s try together to conduct a mini investigation… Read More »

How to remove stretch marks in the armpits?

Stretch marks are a real scourge. Usually associated with pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss , white or purple welts can appear on any area of ​​your body. If your hips, buttocks, breasts and thighs are the first parties involved, these welts can also be lodged under the armpits. They are difficult to remove, but… Read More »

The ideal green tea to fight against cellulite?

Against some daily ailments, cold or hot tea is very effective . By drinking it can fight effectively against fibrous cellulite and stretch marks. Discover how to exploit its slimming benefits. Green tea a natural and effective treatment against cellulite? Consumed around the world at breakfast, at snack time or just to drink at break… Read More »

On the role of fat in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, there are a number of myths and misconceptions regarding the content in the diet of fats. Most of the errors come from several wrong postulates, unconditionally accepted at face value. We will try to understand them. So, many sportsmen completely or almost completely refuse to use animal fats. Motive: they are supposedly deposited… Read More »