Can we lose belly with Nordic walking?

By | January 10, 2019

To lose belly , physical exercise is essential. Endurance sport very complete, Nordic walking attracts more and more followers. Its principle? Walking with ski poles!

But is it a good choice to get a tonic belly? Rather yes. But be careful: “Nordic walking”, as it is also called, does not have any targeted action on the abdominal muscles …

Optimize Nordic walking to lose belly
Your abdominal curves come slimquick keto from a small excess of fat mass? Nordic walking can really help you refine, as long as you take a serious and regular practice.

A one-hour walk allows you to burn about 300 calories . For an interesting result, invest heavily, relying on several sessions per week.

Your little belly is rather due to a lack of tone? A very complete sport, Nordic walking works 90% of the muscles of your body. However, this discipline does not particularly target the abdomen …

To lose belly effectively while walking, do not hesitate to optimize your technique by taking care of your ventral breathing, and by contracting the abdominals !

The limits of Nordic walking to lose weight of the belly
Despite its many strengths, walking does not answer all stomach problems. Thus, if the muscles of your stomach are really loose, for example if you come out of pregnancy, Nordic walking may be insufficient for you.

More precise exercises, such as hypopressive abs, may be more appropriate for you.

Are you overweight or have trouble digesting? To lose weight of the belly, it is also in the plate that plays your success! To eat less while digesting better , start by chewing well.

Choose your food carefully. And no secret: watch your caloric intake, taking care of excess!

The health benefits of Nordic walking
In addition to its positive effects on the silhouette, Nordic Walking is a source of many benefits for the body. Very respectful of the joints, this sport also increases flexibility and coordination. It also improves the maintenance, and contributes to the reduction of muscular tension.

Nordic walking also has a strengthening action on the immune system. It also allows you to improve your heart capacity. Finally, it is an ideal sport to fight against stress , taking advantage of the particularly soothing contact of nature.

As good for the line as for slimquick keto health, nordic walking is consumed without moderation. But if your belly is really prominent, a more targeted option is needed.

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