What can you do to avoid exposure to BPA?

By | January 3, 2018

Supplements of thyroid function, such titan blast as Dexaprine XR, contain thyroid analogues, a hormone that mediates metabolic function. In other words, the higher the degree of thyroid production, the faster your body metabolizes food and degrades body fat. That is why the thyroid system is a critical factor when it comes to successful fat loss. Everything that depresses the thyroid function will hinder the loss of weight and will require a greater caloric deficit with the effect of greater muscle loss. It has been shown that BPA alters normal thyroid function which, in addition to the negative effects on fat loss, can cause neurological and health problems.

Cancer Cancer remains one of the deadliest diseases despite huge research costs to fight it. BPA has been identified as a carcinogen, which may increase the risk of cancer and induce cancerous changes in human mammary cells.

Asthma Asthma is another modern curse whose proliferation has coincided with the use of plastics such as BPA in food containers. In addition to animal research that says the same thing, there is now research in humans that shows that high levels of BPA in children can help increase the risk of developing asthma.

Effects on reproductive function and testosterone Some people probably nodded, but not too worried about the serious health problems related to BPA, but what about the decline in testosterone and the increased risk of sexual dysfunction? ? That would be something to reconsider the microwave in its plastic containers, right? Well, in this case, the amount of evidence involving BPA is very broad in these areas that you might expect from anything that acts like an estrogen. Studies show that it can increase the risk of sexual dysfunction in exposed people, with higher levels associated with greater sexual problems, such as difficulty getting an erection or a decrease in libido. It has also been shown that BPA to significantly reduce testosterone levels, the levels caused the fall in the levels of the androgen index (FA). The free androgen index measures the ratio between free testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin, a reduction that means less bioavailable testosterone for your body to use. In addition to research in humans, there is a large amount of animal research that shows the same negative effects on sexual performance and the reproductive system in men and women. Two interesting studies that caught my attention showed that exposure to BPA reduces male fertility and that rats exposed to BPA have become masculinized. The starting point in this final study is that female rats were able to detect this and they became less desirable for female mice!

What can you do to avoid exposure to BPA?
It will be impossible to completely avoid BPA because the use of this chemical is so frequent, but here are some suggestions that can significantly reduce your exposure.

Never use the microwave in plastic containers or canned products. High levels of heat can filter chemicals into foods and beverages.
You should avoid using detergents in the plastic containers you use regularly, as they can also cause the transfer of xenoestrogens to foods and beverages.
Avoid all canned products.
Buy foods that come in glass or plastic or canned cartons.
When buying food and drinks in plastic bottles, avoid polycarbonate containers, such as those found in large water containers in offices. Polycarbonate is the type of plastic associated with BPA and can be recognized by the fact that it is a harder plastic than the types most commonly used in soft drink bottles (which generally use polyethylene or PET). Polycarbonate is widely used in swimming goggles, Tupperware, baby bottles, cell phone cases and to replace glass in pubs and clubs. The polycarbonate containers will be marked as such with the number 7, while the PET (PETE) will show the number 1.

The outlook for BPA is not clear with the divergent positions adopted by different regulators around the world.

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